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Saturday is Anime day.

Good morning/afternoon/evening whenever you’re reading this! Its Foxxie again and I’m posting to make up for yesterday’s missing Section 1.

Section 1: Episodes/Chapters I’ve watched/read today.

  • Amagami SS+ 6
  • Kill Me Baby 6
  • Black Rock Shooter 2
  • Inu x Boku 5
  • Highschool DxD 6
  • The World God Only Knows chapt 177

Starting off with Amagami SS, I recently marathoned the first season so that I can start on this second season. I love all the arcs and how each one of them is so sweet and vanilla, O SWEET SWEET VANILLAAAAA.
Episode 6 continues the next half of Nanasaki Ai’s, by the end of the episode I’m feeling so happy for them that I’m pretty sure Junichi definitely didn’t care about the punishment when he goes back to training camp.

This is my favourite scene. NISHISHISHISHISHISHIIIII + Yuri raep is always nice.

Next: Kill Me Baby!

This is one of those super random anime that has pretty much nothing but comedy. Personally I’m watching this because I thought there’d be yuri undertones, but guess I was wrong. Nonetheless, this show is still pretty entertaining, Yasuna’s VA does a pretty good job in voicing out her distress, her mischievousness, her helplessness and her genuine care for assassin friend Sonya.
Watching the Yasuna get into all kinds of trouble while Sonya stays aside and marvels at her stupidity is pretty amusing. That being said, its still one of those very light hearted shows and I won’t recommend it if you’re one of those heavy plot watchers.
The anime in a nutshell. This anime also has one hell of a catchy ED.

Black Rock Shooter 2. If you’ve watched the movie/OVA, you’ll have a rough idea of how confusing this anime is. I still can’t put together what’s happening now, but its a pretty cool series still, great art and backgrounds.
O damn this blondie is one hell of a bitch, not sure if just yandere or extremely possessive. O wait, both are the same thing.
The blend of action in the fantasy world and the struggles in the real world is just awesome. Also: WTF IS THIS ENDING?!
I guess we’ll see how it develops next episode.

Now its Inu x Boku, one of the anime this season I’m looking forward to every week, because there’s not a lot of romance anime this season. The fact that the girl looks similar to Kuroneko from Ore no Imouto is also a plus point. The rest of the cast is also good, but this male lead is too dramatic. TOO MUCH DRAMA. There’s also a decent amount of jokes and enough chibi effects to match up, entertains me well enough. They also have this habit of building up tension and plot, only to let it fall as a joke later, not recommended for people who watch anime for plot, as usual. Somehow I find lighter stuff easier on my brain.
WTF AM I WATCHING?! O well, at least it was funny. Here: have Karuta gifs.

Lastly, Highschool DxD. This anime has gotten lots of fans because for one, it doesn’t censor. When things aren’t censored during airing phase, you can expect epic BDs, and hopefully we DO get epic BDs. The story follows a perverted highschool boy who dies on his first date to a fallen angel because he possesses an item that threatens their existance. Of course, the main character in anime almost always never dies, so he’s resurrected by the demon Rias-senpai of his school and becomes a demon. Did I mention how this anime is epic fanservice? Yea, here’s a screenshot (SFW of course, I’m trying to keep this blog SFW and accessible anytime, anywhere.)
MAIN CHARACTERS IN ECCHI SERIES Y U SO LUCKY?! Well, it was the ecchi that got me to watch this anime, but the plot isn’t half bad. It has some mecha weapons thingy and I really really like mecha-ish weapons (which justifies my fandom for Nanoha) Full mecha suits are meh though, don’t have a particular like/dislike.

Manga: The World God Only Knows (chapt 177)
I first watched the anime season 1, which was pretty long time ago, then season 2 was released and I finished it as well. Of course, after finishing all that it wasn’t enough for me, mainly because Keima is probably one of the most baws male (harem) leads I’ve ever seen in anime. This anime pretty much simulates a galge (like Amagami) except Keima uses applications in galges to conquer real life girls (or from our point of view, anime girls in his world). He does this apparently to release this lost soul that’s occupying a space in their hearts and might cause fatalities if unattended. That being said, the 2 anime seasons didn’t go much into the lost soul story, so I started reading the manga because Zien and a few others from AMD said that stuff was getting serious in the manga. I’d also recommend you to read this, its probably the only romance/psychological I’ve read (psychological not as in mindfcuk, but that the characters need to think ALOT).
Highlight the text below to read it, I’ve coded it in some color that makes it hard to read with my background.
Now that all the previous girls that Keima has conquered are captured by Vintage, that means most of the Goddesses are captured, with the exception of Ayumi/Mercury (who was saved by Haqua) and Tenri/Diana (who wasn’t  captured by Keima, but by Nora) Back at his house they were discussing the next move to save the girls when Chihiro eaves drops and hears what’s really happening! WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NOW?!
I’m looking forward to the next chapter.


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