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Packed Sunday is packed.

Ohay thar!

Its-a-me! Foxxie! And I’m posting again like I normally do once per day. Today was a pretty productive day for me, I finished my baboon’s butt, I watched anime, I painted the baboon’s butt red, I watched moar anime! HURRAH FOR ANIME!

Section 1: Episodes I watched today.

Today, I watched:

  • Hunter X Hunter 19
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear 6
  • Nisemonogatari 6
  • Zero no Tsukaima F 6
  • Persona 4 18
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 6

As always, I watch Hunter x Hunter first, BECAUSE ITS THE BEST ANIME IN TEH WURLDZZXZ!!!!11!!1 No not really, its one of the first anime that I’ve ever watched (funny story, I should post it one day) and because of that, it will forever stay in my mind and I will probably spazz over the slightest news (unless its a bad one).
For those who have watched the previous run of this anime, you would know what’s going to happen and all that, but I would like to point out that the re-run is not doing a bad job, I’m pretty content with their delivery so far. Onto the episode: This episode is the first match of the 4th section of the Hunter Exam, between Hanzo and Gon. I feel that this episode was really well done, the atmosphere’s change were really well done and definitely had effect.
Just look at Leorio’s face! This remake is doing a really good job in my opinion.

Onto the next anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

This series reminds me of Nanoha, and that’s probably the only reason why I’m watching it, because I’m a Nanoha fanboy. Currently, what happens in the end has already been forshadowed, but still the story is pretty engaging, for the past 4 episodes, its been going downward, but it seems like they managed to pick the story up again.
This sentence pretty much sums up what happened the previous 4 episodes, NEED MOAR ACTION! This episode satisfied that need, though only just a bit, it got me excited for the next episode again. Hoping that this anime doesn’t disappoint. For this week’s episode, we have quite a lot of explanations going on, but the episode ended with a bang, and Hibiki’s friend found out about the secret. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!

Next anime: Nisemonogatari

Nisemonogatari is part of the monogatari series light novels and is a sequel to Bakemonogatari, if you haven’t watched Bakemonogatari, its about people being affected by strange oddities, and Araragi tries to help them out of trouble. It may seem boring at a glance, but within their witty conversations and seemingly random chatter, there’s a deeper story than what it appears to be. It also happens to be have deliciously done fanservice, not just random panty shots and stuff like that, but the way its done is just different from your typical ecchi anime out there.
In this episode:

Next up is an anime about a character I hate. I don’t usually hate, BUT DIS MALE LEAD CHARACTER TOO EASILY SWAYED, WHERE’S YOUR RESOLVE YOU PERVERT?! O, I mean next up, its Zero no Tsukaima F.
Now if you’ve watched the series from season 1 to 3, you’ll know that SEASON 3 CAN EAT SHIT. Yea, if you still haven’t noticed that I hate Saito, you must be as dense as him. Season 3 was a pathetic excuse of an anime, but thankfully, the guy who directed season 3 isn’t directing this season. THAT DOESN’T MAKE SAITO ANY LESS OF AN ASSHOLE THOUGH.
Onto the episode:


Lastly: Persona 4 18.

That aside, this episode was one of family, and how important they are. Around the riverbank scene I had Clannad After Story vibes. Remember how Okazaki wouldn’t talk about Nagisa until after Ushio lost the toy robot? Yea, something like that.

Special mention: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

This is another 3 minutes short that I’m watching this season, its about a cat. A fat, round, cute, badass, cool and striped cat. He’s name is Poyo, and basically the series revolves around Poyo’s daily life and doings. Cute stuff is cute.

Section 2: Project progress.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am currently working on a school project that involves me making a monkey’s butt, I’m still working on it for now, so I’ma post what it looks like now.

Section 3: Random stuff and manga news.

First, the piece of news:
“Dear MangaStream supporter,

It’s with a heavy heart that I make the following announcement. MangaStream will no longer be releasing the following series:

– Naruto
– Bleach
– One Piece
– Hunter x Hunter
– Katekyo Hitman Reborn
– Claymore
– D.Gray-man ”
Rest of the story here:

Well, for one, I respect the decision of this site to stop hosting because of the company’s request. I also respect the company for asking the site to do remove it before taking legal action against the site. I now have really high regards for this company, because not only did they give a chance to the site, they also didn’t take legal action against the site. Unlike certain American companies that pretty much sue over everything and anything. Attitude and actions like these are what we need to stop piracy, not ACTA, SOPA and PIPA. Those laws will simply censor the net and compromise everyone’s privacy.

Now its for this random quote of the day I found while reading The New Paper.
“…everyone’s like ‘What are you going to do now that you have all this money and freedom? ‘

I did everything I wanted to do when I had nothing. I’m still going to do whatever I want, except more people are just going to bother me now.” – David Choe on gaining fame.

This guy is awesome, he’s like “Fame? Pfffftttt” while lots of people out there are craving media attention. While I completely support and respect his decision, its a sad thing that money attracts media attention. News used to be about admirable things, like firefighters saving people, celebrities donating to help charities and all that positive stuff, but now its all scandals, crimes and companies bankrupting or doing something underhanded. Now everything is money, money, money, and I hate it. Why does everything have to be about money? If music companies didn’t care about the money they were losing to pirates and think about the money they’re actually getting from people who buy the CDs, we wouldn’t have ACTA, PIPA or SOPA. I mean, you’re already profiting from the sales, and you’re still not satisfied? Do people really need the money that badly? Are they like starving and if they don’t sell that extra CD they’ll starve to death? Obviously not, look at the vast amount of people in Africa starving to death each day, if the corporate companies would actually spend just 1% of their profits helping the people there, think how many lives would be saved each day.
The fact that this world runs on money alone has left me in despair!
What can we do about this? Nothing. The world has always been run on human greed and desire for more possessions, and it will continue like this forever.

I don’t want to end this post in a gloomy mood, so I shall post this funny picture I saw in the Funny Pics thread of forums.
I have absolutely no idea what the source is, and I don’t claim this to be mine. Just some food for thought.

Until tomorrow!

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