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Devoted anime post.

Naww, I kid, this is just to make up for yesterday’s unwatched anime. Namely:

  • Shakugan no Shana Final 18
  • Mirai Nikki 18
  • Rinne no Lagrange 6

First: Shakugan no Shana Final.
The ending has already been foreshadowed in the first episode, and as we’re nearing the end, if feels like not quite long ago I was watching the first episode. This either means it has good pacing, or the story progression is too slow. I don’t really care about the story anymore, I just want to see more powarz and more fighting. This series didn’t really strike me as one of the better ones, maybe for the fight scenes, but there’s better coordinated ones out there, nevertheless, this show is still pretty popular and actually is decent enough for me to not drop it from season 1 – 3 (this season)
The episode: THE FIGHT BEGINS! The ritual for awakening The Snake of The Festival has started, and the remaining 3 of the Four Gods of the Motherland are wreaking havoc within the city. In the preview we see MOAR ACTION YESSSSSSS.
I can’t wait for next episode, this being episode 18, we can expect at least 6 more episodes before the series is finally concluded, hopefully the aftermath isn’t gonna be crammed into 1 or 2 episodes. We all want to hear the full explanation and see the full process of either Shana’s solution or Yuuji’s solution.

Next: Mirai Nikki

Almost to the ending of the season, and we’re only about 2/3 through the manga, hopefully the remaining 6-8 episodes will be used fully and not rushed.
This episode: The turning point of Yuki’s life. With his mom already gone, and his dad lying to him and wanting to destroy his diary, who has he left to rely on? Luckily, his dad came to his senses and wants to start over a new life after serving his sentence, but before he can even turn himself in, he dies.
With both his mom and dad gone now, he finally has the determination to win the survival game and become God, so that he can revive everyone that’s dear to him and live happily again.
Diary Holders:

  • First (Amano Yukiteru)
  • Second (Gasai Yuno)
  • Third (Hiyama Takao)
  • Fourth (Kurusu Keigo)
  • Fifth (Houjou Reisuke)
  • Sixth (Kasugano Tsubaki)
  • Seventh (Ikusaba Marco/Mikami Ai)
  • Eighth (Not yet revealed)
  • Ninth (Uryu Minene)
  • Tenth (Tsukishima Karyūdo)
  • Eleventh (Not yet revealed)
  • Twelfth (Hirasaka Yomotsu)

Only 5 diary holders remain, who will be the winrar?!

Next up: Rinne no Lagrange

That aside, I’m still not sure if this anime is trying to blend comedy and plot together, its difficult to do that, especially when everything is so serious on the plot side, then you suddenly have non-serious comedy. It just messes up the atmosphere.
See what I mean? As for the ending: I still don’t understand jackshit about what’s happening, I shall continue to watch it in hopes that stuff will be explained. YOU BETTER EXPLAIN THEM YOU WEIRD COMEDY PLOT BLEND OF AN ANIME!

That’s it for the anime I’m supposed to watch yesterday, I shall post again later for anime I’m gonna watch today and the daily life section with it.

Oyea, ISML voting round 2 starts in about 11.5 hours. Make sure you go vote k? I’ll post another reminder in my later post for today.


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