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Saturday morning fever!

I’ma watch all the anime I didn’t yesterday today. So it shall be an entire post for anime today.

  • Amagami SS+ 8
  • Kill Me Baby 8
  • Highschool DxD 8
  • Inu x Boku SS 7
  • Black Rock Shooter 4
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear 8
  • Persona 4 20

Starting off from the deep shit that Junichi and Kaoru were in. Amagami SS+!

This episode reminds of typical tsundere arcs, to a certain extent I guess… Considering how Kaoru reacted and Junichi almost makes me want to punch him. But its k, alls well that ends well, the episode ended on a happy note when Umehara saves them from his fishing boat. We can haz bath scene in this episode as well! Whoohooooo!

Next up is the 4koma adapted Kill Me Baby!


Funny and ridiculous episode as usual, the ninja is like some master level troll that just appears to troll them, especially Yasuna.
Suddenly, bad ass art! This scene pretty much happens every episode, and is funny because Yasuna always makes a funny sound.

Next up is Highschool DxD, hopefully we get more plot advancement.

AWW YEA! MOAR ACTION IS COMING UP! Can’t wait to see what he pulls off this time. Rias and Rizer (fiance of Rias) has agreed to fight a rating game (basically a game of chess where their pieces go against each other) and well, this happened.
He may be a lecherous pervert, but at least he still has his morals and priorities right. For that, I actually like him as a main character, not many male main characters are like this you know. Well, as the picture says, he attempts to finish it, but yea, fails horribly. I guess we’ll see what happens when the next few episodes come.

Next is about a girl who can’t seem to stop saying prideful words even though she doesn’t want to. Inu x Boku SS.

OMAGAWD Yui (Toyasaki Aki) voicing a Yui-lookalike(Kotomura Chino)! IN MAID UNIFORM OMGAAWWDD HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG TOO MUCH CUTENESS! I now redirect you to a scene in Angel Beats OVA.
This is probably the exact way I feel now. NEED MOAR YUI VOICEEEEEE!
This episode was about an intruder in the Ayakashi Kan, and apparently is a very very dangerous monster, so dangerous that Miketsukami didn’t want to let Ririchiyo out. But of course, this anime being this anime, serious things always get a surprise funny twist, and well, it was funny and surprising enough. The whole episode was cute and the ED was insanely awesome. Duet between the Snow Lady and the Cotton Roll guy, I don’t hear many duets in anime, thus this one left a pretty good impression.

Next is Black Rock Shooter.

Seems like we have an extreme case of paranoia and overreaction here. Plot is getting thicker, apparently there’s more than just sudden behavioral changes after their BRS-world equivalent is slain, side effects may vary. I want to know more, MOAARRRRR.
This picture pretty much depicts the entire episode. And of course, another cliffhanger end while Yomi goes crazy. I need more explanation about this scheming teacher.

Following this, we have the newly released episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

I dunno, you tell me.
This episode, we see Miku making friends with Chris and patching up with Hibiki, who’s getting the hang of using power to propel herself around like some rocket, weird, but hey, that’s what’d they do in an anime right? Not much main plot advancement in this episode, but provided some background information and paved the tracks for further plot advancement, decent episode.

Finally, its time for some PERSONA 4!

You probably know how I think this is one of the most entertaining anime I’m watching, and yea, PREPARE FOR AWESOMENESS GOOOOO! (I’m posting as I’m watching, I always do this so my thoughts don’t get drowned out by sudden plot switches.)
Well duh, when you’re overflowing with awesomeness you’d attract anyone, girls, guys, even girls who dress like guys. This episode, they have a sleepover party at Yukiko’s Inn and it seems like some horror is going down.
When suddenly, a wild FAAABUUULLOOOUUSSS scene appeared. Then everything went light hearted after that, no horror and also no advancement on the TV world. Well, we’ll get to see the final boss soon, according to the preview that is.

And that’s it for the anime today. Have a good day!


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