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Just ANOTHER Tuesday.

Hey thar, its a very tired Foxxie here posting, I shall attempt to finish yesterday’s anime as well as today’s in this post.

Section 1: Episodes yesterday (and today)

  • Mirai Nikki 20
  • Rinne no Lagrange 8
  • Another 8
  • Ano Natsu de Matteru 8

Starting off with one of the anime being spoiled so badly this season (because the manga is completed) : Mirai Nikki

This episode is centered on Ninth who’s been missing over the pass few episodes plotting to kill Eleventh who has ‘The Watcher’.
Amidst this chaos, we see Nishijima, the cop that used to be Fourth’s aide, PROPOSING?!

This episode has so much deredere Ninth it reminds me of how awesome tsunderes are. Not that Ninth is a tsundere, but she has the appearance y’know.

Next is the show which I have no idea what the hell is going on. Rinne no Lagrange.

This episode, we get further explanation of the legend of what apparently revolves around the Vox units. Apparently the Vox lost control 20 000 years ago and almost destroyed the earth, by means of the Rinne Flowers, which is what we saw last dunno which episode when Madoka went mad. This episode, we got the revelation by means of a yellow loli, yes. Yellow loli. She and Lan have apparently met before, and she managed to fool Lan into thinking the ‘Woof’ was a greeting on earth.
Awww Lan, don’t be sad. The yellow speaks with such a high-tone of voice it almost made me hate her, but the end of the episode fix’d that, apparently, her position is so high, she practically controls the world!
Not sure if subs are trolling or not, but it definitely made me laugh. Also: EPIC SHY LAN!

Next: Horror anime titled horribly (or not), Another.

This episode, we have a beach episode! And you know what beach episodes mean, YES! FANSERVICE!!
I originally thought that this might be one of those episodes where there is no character or plot development, but I’m wrong, something horrible happened like the other episodes. We also get a hint, deeper into the forgotten solution to the crisis and next week’s episode looks like it has yet ANOTHER death, maybe that’s why they named the show ‘Another’.

Next up, the rom-com drama series that I’m fully supporting, Ano Natsu de Matteru.

Lots of story progress this week, we have the trolling Lemon trolling around as well as some mega complex love circle-thingy.
Shock #1: Sounds funny when she says it, but apparently, she’s not supposed to be a highschool student anymore.
Still love Lemon the most. Why? JUST LOOK AT DAT SMIRK
DAT SMIRRRKKKKKKK, I can never get enough of it.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 2)

I shall start tagging my days of my intern. Today was the first time I boarded the shuttle bus to my workplace, so many buses look the same I thought I missed the bus, but luckily I didn’t and didn’t have to waste money cabbing to the workplace. In the morning I was told to key data for the pigs at our animal rooms, but it turns out the data wasn’t quite accurate, so I needed to go down and record the tag ID of the pigs instead.

Before I actually managed to get any counting going, I needed to help one of the guys there to throw away bags of feed, because they were contaminated with fungus cos the leaky aircon caused some growth in some bags, and the spores spread to the whole room, the entire room of feed was unusable and had to be thrown. I’d estimate there to be about 15-20 bags, each weighing 25kg. What’s the worst thing? The cargo lift wasn’t working, so we had to carry it all the way down from the 3rd floor. BY STAIRS. Thankfully the bin got full soon and we didn’t need to carry anymore until the bin was cleared the next morning.

At 10:30am I went to help one of the workers there to clean the pens, the pigs poop a lot everyday and we need to sweep the floor that’s covered with their poop, after that we need to spray the pens with pressurized water to wash off their saliva stains.

After lunch I got down to recording the pigs and their location and only got done around 3.30pm, then we had to transfer some pigs around because they were smaller and the vet didn’t want them to get bullied. So we moved the piggies around and needed to treat one of the smaller piglets with B12 and an antibiotic because it was sick. I got to do one of the intramuscular shots and it was a success! I’ma so proud of myself now.

That’s the end of my log for today.

Section 3: Manga I read today

Today, Hayate no Gotoku 352 was released! YAY! Its one of those light manga-romcoms that I like to read, because its pretty funny, and HINAGIKU SHO HAWT. Sakuya as well!
Since they went on hiatus for 6 weeks, this chapter was a re-introduction for new readers! Its a good place to start off if you already watched the anime and don’t want to read through the entire series. (SHAME ON YOU, MANGA READING IS SO FAST AND YOU’RE BEING LAZY ABOUT IT?!)

Look at my sleepy face while reading my fired up post.

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