Anime, daily life and randomness

Wednesdays are uneventful

Vidro Moyou is OUT! Its the ED of Ano Natsu de Matteru and yea, I thought I’d just tell you at the start of my post.

Section 1: Episodes I watched today

  • Danshi koukousei no Nichijou 8
  • Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai 8
  • Recorder to Randoseru 9

Starting off with some epic lulz, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou! (OWWWWW!)

Seriously, peeing in your pants as something you’d really want to try? IS THAT WARM AND WET FEELING IN YOUR PANTS REALLY THAT NICE?! AND DAT PREVIEW, IS THAT A SHORT-HAIRED LITERATURE GIRL I SEE?!

Next: Daily life of a college boy who takes in his three nieces. Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai.

Last episode ended on a pretty bad note, the landlady wanted to kick Yuuta out because apparently he violated the contract. Honestly though, I think she’s just jelly that Yuuta has kids to look after even though he’s only a college student while the landlady is 29 and is still single. OLD AUNTY BE OLD and annoying as well. Seems like their problem is solved, for now.

Next: 3 minutes of awkward adult-looking 9 year old boy. Recorder to Randoseru.

Slice of life this episode, just your average snippets of life.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 3)

Half the day today was data entry and pig inventory checking, the next half was checking up on the pigs, tagging them and trying to get them to mate. The pig’s penis looks like a screw (brings a whole new meaning to getting screwed) and apparently is kept bent when flaccid. Turns out the sow wasn’t on heat and didn’t want to be mated, so we had to separate them again. Today was also the first time I was taught piglet training! Piglet training is the most fun thing I’ve done so far, basically you take biscuits, go into the pen and sit down in one corner while the piglets come and eat the biscuits off your hand. Only a few daring ones came over though, the rest huddled in the other corner like frightened piglets (derp). End of day.

Section 3: Under maintenance

Section 3 will be on hiatus until I find something random or have manga to discuss.


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