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Cheering up post!

Hopefully this post will cheer you up like it did for me when I got home.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 9
  • Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai 9
  • Recorder to Randoseru 10

Starting off with epic comedy: Nichibros!

Damn I swear, this anime has the best reaction faces ever, along with Nichijou of the previous previous season. If you’re interested in the artist who’s drawing Nichibros, the artist can be found in danbooru/pixiv (image sites) under the username: BomberGrape (Thanks to Ryvian for introducing me) Of course, this being danbooru also means that it contains NSFW advertisements and artwork. Most of his doujinshi are touhou-related, but they’re as epic as this anime.
His danbooru pools: Here.
His pixiv account: Here.
Continuing on with the episode:
LOLWAT TIRO FINALE IN MY NICHIBROS?! Actually now that I noticed, the girls in this anime are actually pretty cute, with the exception of the Funky Highschool Girls, only Habara is cute there. The other parts of the anime, the literature girl, the dropkick girl (picture above) and their sisters are all actually pretty funny and cute.

Next up: Boy with girl troubles, lots of it. Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!

This episode is about the sisters adapting to their new lives living far away from their school, and this episode focuses on Miu and her life now. She goes to school, and overhears many students gossiping about her, of course, they all know that her dad and mom have passed away, so most of the gossip is worry-gossip, like how she’s doing and whether she’s coping well. Hearing all these, Miu becomes a bit sad and decides to wander around after school after asking permission from Sora. Nimura finds her and takes her on a date! Dayum this Nimura such a ladies man. At the end of the episode,
But some secrets have to be told, some. Anyway, next episode seems to be focused on Sora, not sure if looking forward to it or not, but this anime isn’t bad to me, but it isn’t that good either.

Next: Recorder & Randoseru!

White day episode! Atsushi so popular with da ladies he needs to give out so much cookies. He also gave Hina a really special card, not that Hina plays cards anyway.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 8)

Today was a tiring day for me, but sadly it had nothing to do with lugging pigs around, but rather I was asked to clean the feed room. The room had gotten really really dirty because of a leaky aircon and caused some fungus growth on the feed bags, thus all the feed bags had to be thrown and the room had to be thoroughly cleaned up. The throwing of the feed bags were already done, so all that was left was to scrub out the stubborn stains on the floor, sweep and mop up the place. I did that for about 5 hours before I was finally finished. After that I went down to check up on the pigs with the vet there, I was taught how to observe for signs of sickness and abnormality. That’s all that happened today.

Section 3: Random lulz

Today we have a video from my friend xbadboyzx’s youtube channel. I was linked there from the skype chat because they were discussing some stuff about it, then I found this epic Can Can and couldn’t get enough of it. It left me in a very happy mood and I’m all smiley now.


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