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Its the best day of the week!

Nisemonogatari and Hunter X Hunter are out today wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Section 1: Episodes I watched today

  • Nisemonogatari 10
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear 10
  • Hunter X Hunter 22
  • Zero no Tsukaima F 10
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 10
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka? S2 PV


Last 2 episodes, and the phoenix arc finally kicks in. We started off the episode with some lovely smiling Shinobu!
Followed by Araragi molesting his sister.
And then we get a random Emiya Shirou moment.
Most parts of the episode is explaining the 2 strange women that entered the city and asked for directions to Oshino’s base, in the final scene we see that the pair is actually evil-exterminators, the exterminate what they deem to be evil. What they were after was Tsukihi’s immortal phoenix abnormality that’s living in her. Shinobu, knowing that they shouldn’t face the 2 of them now bargained for time to think, and the pair return tomorrow to exterminate Tsukihi. WHAT WILL HAPPENZ?!

Next up: Senki Zesshou Nanoha, o wai-, I mean Symphogear.

Not sure if plot is being rushed or I’m just slow, but too many things is happening in this episode. The 3 armors are led into a distraction while the main target is left unguarded. Sounds like a very smart opponent. And Ryouko is no where to be seen!
Stronk ranged artillery is stronk.

Next up: Saving Killua’s ass.

This episode, they travel to Kukuroo Mountain to attempt to get Killua back. Surprisingly for a family of assassins, they’re pretty popular. There’s even a guided bus tour to his house’s gate. People who are watching the remake may be a bit disappointed that there wasn’t enough drama, but I felt that it was all okay. As long as the important parts like Mike, the guard dog and Zebro the guard dog’s cleaner are left intact, I’m good.
Though I felt that they might have drawn Mike a bit too cutesy.

Next up: Zero no Tsukaima Fanservice

Hurrah for more forced plot! Yet another crisis is happening, a devastatingly strong creature has awakened and caused some epic volcano eruptions destroying cities and causing dragons to go berserk.
ITS TRUE BECAUSE THE TV SAID SO! Sounds familiar? Louise could be acting like a kid, but then again, I’d also rather not take the risk even if there is a very slight probability that there is. So the Ancient Dragon goes around and wreaks havoc while the remaining 3 void mages attempt to stop it, though I doubt that the Pope is really trying. From what I can tell, he’s betraying everyone, even his own tsukaima just to fuse/merge with the dragon and become the most powerful existence in the world. By draining Saito of his lifeforce, by getting too close to the dragon, everything looks very set-up. Either he becomes the bad guy, or we have a really bad character development Pope here. There’s probably 2 more episodes before the series ends, we’ll see what happens next week.

Next up: Poyo!
Nothing much to say here, but this episode is about weird things that animals eat.

Finally: Kore wa Zombie desuka S2 PV!

Looks like season 2 will be very much like the first, lots of fanservice, lots of action, lots of harem, lots of note writing. Looking forward to it!

Section 2: Manga read today

  • Mahou Sensei Negima 355 (End)

Yes, the manga series that’s been continuing for 9 years has finally come to an end. With this ending chapter, we get a insight into how the lives of Class 2A has progressed since the Magic World incident, and what they’re doing now as adults. Of course, who Negi married was never revealed, because whoever he marries, it’ll make some fans angry one way or another, so I guess the artist doesn’t wanna get flamed and thus avoided that. As for the ending itself, I’m glad that Evangeline is still loli, aaaaaaaaannnd that’s pretty much it. Doesn’t feel like a satisfactory end imo, but can’t be helped. Let’s hope some other artist decides to do a spinoff or a continuation.


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