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Unable to think of a title.

Mirai Nikki is back from hiatus!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mirai Nikki 21
  • Rinne no Lagrange 10
  • Nisemonogatari 10

Starting off with the late 21st episode of Mirai Nikki.

In this episode, we see First and Second going on with their plan to kill both Eighth and Eleventh, and finally kill Ninth and Second so that First becomes God of Time and Space, and proceed to save everyone. Ninth, who has been silently observing everyone else finally gets her story told in this episode. Her background story, everything about her was told this episode. Her story is a tragic one, but yet she still carries on, fighting for her own cause and surviving because she wants to be god.
Many events happen, and it caused First to fatally wound Ninth, who then sacrifices herself to blow up the vault Eleventh is hiding in. As if everything would go so smoothly right? Wrong, the vault is built to withstand the strongest attempts to destroy it, because its a bank vault and obviously, only the owners of the bank as well as the Mayor have access to it. The bank is owned by the Gasai family, and thus Second has access to it. But in the previous episodes it was revealed that Second is not really Gasai Yuno, but someone else. And yet she manages to open the vault with the retina scan and kills Eleventh. Now all the Diary Holders that remain are Eight, Second, First. How will it unfold? And exactly what the hell is Second? Finale in 3 episodes.

Next up: Rinne no Lagrange

Everyone’s after the Voxes, be it for good or for bad, everyone wants the Voxes. Hot property is hot. This episode, the two armies are gathered in earth’s outer space area and prepared to fight for possession of the Voxes. Earth, siding with Lan’s side for now, prepares to join the battle and fight against the eccentric Harem overlord’s(can’t remember his name) resistance army. But before that, they need to show us what happens during the school festival!
When a character gets sooo stubborn that people give up trying to convince you, you know that’s one hell of a hard-headed mindset.
Here we have a crying Lan because she got scared after going through the Haunted House exhibit. “I did the make up for them” she said, “Why would I be scared when I did the make up?” she said. O well, that’s still pretty darn cute =3
And here’s something that we all pretty much agree on. CURSE YOU UNHEALTHY DELICIOUS FAT-FILLED FOODS! We also learn the name of the yellowed-everything loli: Asteria. Next episode’s gonna have some action and I hope it’ll be epic!

Next up is the rewatch of Nisemonogatari, this time subbed by Commie!

Not much changes in subs, but yea, still an awesome watch.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 11)

Today was pretty hectic for me. I started the day with blood collection from the chickens, and this being the first time I drew blood from chickens, I didn’t manage to draw anything. What I did manage to do, however, was to puncture the vein such that the blood flowed out into the surrounding area, but not out of the skin, resulting in an extremely large hematoma (bruise with swelling). Chickens gets hematoma easily, but that large bump of blue-black still freaked me out. I hope the chicken is alright.. =<
After lunch, we had to weigh all the pigs. WEIGH ALL THE PIGS! We did the lighter ones first, cos well, they’re lighter. We were weighing them till 4pm, then we had to go draw blood from a guinea pig, but the guinea pig wasn’t so well fed, causing us to lack 3ml of blood needed. The vet is sick today, so we’ll see what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

Section 3: Random picture

This company’s name is so full of win. No seriously, calling your own company siscon syscon is really epic. Imagine working there, you’d be able to tell people that you’re a syscon (employee)! Dayum dis company so baws.


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