Anime, daily life and randomness

Most boring day of the week (for me)

Pity its right after the middle of the week. I have nothing to watch on Thursdays because I don’t watch Guilty Crown (which is released today)

Section 2: Daily log of intern student

Today was so uneventful. I started the day off feeding the guinea pigs and the chickens, then out of boredom I decided to start writing my first interim report. Halfway through, the aircon servicemen came, but they weren’t fluent in English, and my supervisor could only speak English. The usual company handyman-security manager was away on business, so I had a fun time being the translator, this is probably the highlight of my day. After that we went for lunch, came back and slacked around some more, then I followed the vet to do some animal checks.

Section 3: Music section

Despite not watching Guilty Crown, I still find this track extremely epic and eargasmic. This is one of the best insert songs I’ve heard in a while from any anime, and definitely deserves a mention here. The drums, the lyrics, the voice, THE BASS! This song is truly one of the bests I’ve heard.


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