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Today, its gonna be one long ass post, because I WILL CONQUER ALL THE ANIME!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Black Rock Shooter 8 (End)
  • Highschool DxD 12 (End)
  • Amagami SS+ 12
  • Persona 4 24
  • Kill Me Baby 12
  • Inu x Boku SS 11
  • Recorder to Randoseru 12
  • Medaka Box PV

Kicking it off with the grand finale of Black Rock Shooter!
Right at the start, the opening song was skipped all together, I mean, WHO CAN WAIT TO SEE WHAT UNFOLDS RIGHT? I probably won’t spoil anything as per usual, but here’s some screenshots I’m taking while watching it.
And with that, Black Rock Shooter ends.

Next up: Highschool DxD!
AWWW YEA! Now this is what I call a pumped up finale! You think Rias’s forfeit in the last rating game meant the end of the conflict? NOOOOOOOO, THE HERO ARRIVES TO SAVE THE DAY! This time, we see Issei walking into Mordor and rescuing the princess from the hands of a phoenix. Nope, this time it isn’t a dragon that’s guarding the princess. I’M SORRY BUT THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!
Nahhh, this time we see Issei made a contract with the Infernal Welsh Dragon, his left arm for Balance Breaker, a form where the wielder gets the maximum boost without charging for 10 counts. Sounds imbalanced? That’s why its the Balance Breaker! The final fight between Issei and Raizer is pretty awesome, though its rather short, but still awesome nonetheless. I hope they make a second season, I’d like moar action and more explanation of this White Dragon they were talking about in this episode.

Next up: Its the ending of Haruka route, Amagami SS+!
Haruka got invite over to Junichi’s house and decided to spend the night there!
Of course, spending the night also means that she’ll have to take a bath there! Reminds you of the first season’s Haruka route yes?
Last time he got scolded for not peeking, IS HE GOING TO WORK UP THE GUTS TO PEEK NOW?!
Later that night, Haruka decides to tell him that she might be going to England immediately after graduation, but when she did, she doesn’t tell him that she’s only going for 1 week. That causes Junichi to think that she might be going there and never coming back, so he decided to jack the graduation ceremony speech and made this really embarrassing, yet sweet speech to Haruka and proposes to her in the end. SWEET VANILLA OM NOM NOM

O yea! My guess was spot on! It turns out that it was actually really Adachi all along, and since he’s working in the police force, it makes him even harder to detect.
Now that Narukami and gang have discovered his actions, he decides to run into the TV world which is about to merge with the real world. Unlike others, the shadows in that world doesn’t seem to attack Adachi, and he has powers to control everything that’s happening in that world as well.
THIS IS THE FINAL BOSS! Who will win?! We find out in the next episode, the final episode.

Next up: Random gag show is random. Kill me baby!

Next: S or M, Kagerou will scream it to you!
O wait, this episode was a full on backstory telling, about Kagerou and Soushi’s past, how they met, why is Soushi so stalker and why is Kagerou so weirdly awesome? Well, he’s been that way since young, but the story is more focused on Miketsukami. Its a sad backstory, but I wasn’t very moved. That aside, the fact that Ririchiyo noticed that the letter sender wasn’t actually Kagerou was expected, what wasn’t expected was that Ririchiyo somehow managed to give Miketsukami an identity despite his background and raising.
Well, let’s see how they decide to end it. All this melancholy and drama doesn’t sit too well with me after quite a few episodes of comedy.

Recorder to Randoseru.
Pedo gags were never better! Its kinda epic though, but mannnnn, if you saw someone like that, I don’t think you’d believe it either.

Preview: Medaka Box!
Next season we have a manga-adapted anime called Medaka Box! I didn’t read this manga, but it seems pretty popular, so I’ve decided to give the anime a shot! The PV itself doesn’t really tell much, aside from the fact that its about a well-endowed student council president and a delinquent that wants to protect her. After reading online the synopsis, I have my impressions completely smashed. Firstly, the name Medaka Box reminds me of Pandora’s Box, so I thought it might be a supernatural action horror. Turns out its just a council president’s box that she set up so she can accept requests and help the people in need. O well, I guess another school setting anime isn’t bad either eh?

Section 3: Manga read today

  • TWGOK 182

This chapter, Chihiro starts to explain her actions in the previous chapter and all is well. Even though Ayumi is hurt by it, BUT NO PROBLEMS! BECAUSE KEIMA IS A GOD OF CONQUEST, AND ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY DENY THE CONQUEST OF THE GOD OF CONQUEST! Even if he looks like this.

Looking forward to see Ayumi getting conquered.


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