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Training Thursday

There’s only one episode to watch today (Recorder to Randoseru excluded) so I’ma make a short post.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai 12 (End)
  • Recorder to Randoseru 13 (End)

OR SO I THOUGHT, BUT HUNTER X HUNTER MANGA SO AWESOME THAT I CAN’T STOP READING IT! O well, tomorrow I guess. Even though I’m just re-reading the battle tower arc, Hunter X Hunter is still too awesome to just stop even though I already know what’s gonna happen.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 24)

Today was so-so. Started by feeding the guinea pigs and the chicken. After that was some data updating till lunch. After lunch, I had to be trained for surgery preparation, cos we’re having surgery on Monday, and the vet won’t be around anymore. So before he leaves, he takes the weight of the pigs required for the study and we weighed them. After that we checked on the pigs and that ends the day.

Section 3: Manga read today

  • Hunter X Hunter

I’m re-reading from the Battle Tower arc, because I don’t know what part of the anime is fillers and what is actually in the manga, so I decided to re-read everything after the hunter exam (excluding saving Killua’s ass). Truly, this is the best shounen series I’ve ever read and it never fails to get be excited even though I already know what is going to happen. This is probably the 5th time I’m going through this storyline again, and booyyyyyyy, its awesome on so many levels.


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