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Manga night!

Yes, I’ve been addicted to Hunter X Hunter manga, even though I already watched the first release over 3 times, watching the new release as well. NOT ENOUGH, NEED TO READ THE MANGA ALL OVER AGAIN!

Section 1: Episodes (planned to) watched today

  • Amagami SS+ 13 (End)
  • Kill Me Baby 13 (End)
  • Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai 12 (End)
  • Inu x Boku SS 12 (End)
  • Recorder to Randoseru 13 (End)

As we approach the final week of the 2011/2012 Winter season, the shows I watch as a chore starts to show. Papa no Iukoto is becoming a chore, but luckily, its already at the last episode, so that’s fine. I’m losing interest on Inu x Boku as well, ever since the ‘plot’ kicked in, the rest are pretty okay, Amagami is now going on Miya route WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEST ROUTE, so yea, I’m definitely gonna watch that.

Again, my weakness to Hunter X Hunter has strayed me from my anime-watching path. I SWEAR I’LL WATCH THEM TOMORROW!

Section 3: Manga read today

  • Hunter X Hunter (lots of chapters)
  • TWGOK 183

There’s nothing much to post about Hunter X Hunter except that IT IS FRIGGIN’ AWESOME! Since I’m re-reading, I can only tell you where I’m at now: Greed Island arc.

TWGOK: I only have one sentence for this new and SUPERBLY AWESOME CHAPTER: Keima is my hero.


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