Anime, daily life and randomness

Enough procrastination.

I shall finally watch some of the anime I’m supposed to watch in the past 3 days.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Amagami SS+ 13 (End)
  • Hunter X Hunter 25
  • Persona 4 25 (End)

Starting off with Amagami SS+, its Miya route!
Well, its supposed to be Miya route, but after watching the whole episode, its just one massive chunk of bath-episode. Not that I mind, but it did center on Miya. NEED MOAR MIYA!
The thing I like about Amagami SS is that even though we’re talking about one route, the other characters also get their part of the screen time, even if its not really related, but often they’re entertaining and pretty nicely melded in.
Squishy islands muahahaha!

Next: Hunter X Hunter!

YES! THIS IS WHAT I HOPED WOULD HAPPEN! THEY’RE NOT ENDING AFTER THEY SAVE KILLUA, THEY’RE GONNA CONTINUE ON! K that aside, this episode made me realise why I love Hunter X Hunter so much.
Hunter X Hunter isn’t about a boy who wants to be the strongest in the world, it isn’t about a person wanting to eliminate evil from the face of the earth, it isn’t about a main character who wants to attain a certain item. Hunter X Hunter is about a boy and his friend just wanting to have fun and adventure. This is truly the most unique shounen action series I’ve ever watched, and it probably will be the only one. Adding on, not only is Gon one of the most likable characters I’ve ever seen, Killua also gives off an aura of coolness and strength that you’d find yourself rooting for the both of them.
Not to mention that his reactions are pretty funny as well! Now that I’ve read the manga, the original version of the anime’s adaptation, I now understand why the adaptation for the first run stopped after Greed Island, the manga went on hiatus twice in the Chimera arc, which means the manga probably wasn’t continuing fast enough for the anime to follow and thus they just let the anime stop there. Its a pretty solid stop in my opinion, since it was a pretty open end, but I’m guessing that this adaptation might not run past that as well, since the beginning of the story wasn’t told properly, Kaito was missed out. Unless they’re gonna do a flashback after Greed Island, they can’t continue. Anyway, I hope this adaptation will continue as long as possible, because I will definitely follow it to the end of time.

Next up: Finale of Persona 4!
Well, cliche end is cliche, but I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was this: In the Blu-ray release, there’s gonna be a spin-off end, the true-end if you will, here’s a screenshot from the PV of the Blu-ray in the last episode.
Optional boss: Margeret! Hope they pack more action in!

Section 3: Manga read today

  • Hunter X Hunter (all the way up to the latest chapter)

Many of the people who read this manga probably know that after Greed Island arc is the Chimera Ant arc, which is tragic and is pretty damn long. Now I’m not gonna spoil what happens in there, but I’m more concerned with what’s the next arc that’s coming starting at the latest chapter. I can’t say its not exciting, but the series is slowly losing its main characters. Gon and Killua are starting to become side characters, Leorio re-appeared, but now he’s also becoming a side character. Kurapika’s story wasn’t even told, whatever happened to the spiders? What about Hisoka’s fight with Kuroro? Everything hasn’t even been explained and they want to move on to a new storyline, I won’t accept this bullshit. If the manga continues like that I’m probably gonna drop it, but Hunter X Hunter anime is still gonna be my favourite anime and my only full VCD set collection.


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