Anime, daily life and randomness

Boring Thursday has moved to Wednesday.

Looks like this season I’ll have nothing to watch on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. O well.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear 13 (End)
  • Accel World 1 – 2 (Pre-air)

Starting off with the long-delayed symphogear. (When did Commie ninja-release it?!)
I didn’t like the ending, not one little bit. This anime is so cringe-worthy, I have no idea how many times my hair stood on end while watching through this. I think everything is because of the main character, her attitude and actions kinda piss me off, really really bad.

Next: Accel World
After watching the pre-air, lots of things are explained straight away, its like watching a game unfold and I like it.
Let me explain this the simplest way I can. Haru (the main character) is a short chubby boy that often gets bullied in school. Because he’s always getting bullied, he hates reality and always escapes into cyberspace where he holds the most ridiculous score for a game of super squash. This causes one of the most popular senpai in his school to notice him, and passes him a copy of Brain Burst, the acceleration program. Brain Burst is actually just a game, but its a MMO Fighting game, in which you are the fighter. Characters winning or losing fights gain and lose points, starting with a base of 100. When your points reaches 0, you can no longer take part of Brain Burst and thus lose the ability to accelerate in real life. Honestly, any kind of anime with something to do with games intrigue me, I’m gonna continue watching this. The characters are likable, and Haru probably gets many sympathy votes, but I do understand why he’s giving up on reality.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 28)

Started off cleaning and feeding the guinea pigs and the chickens, then went down to help prepare some heparin for tomorrow’s surgery, looks like we’re gonna have another busy day tomorrow. After lunch, came back to check pigs and give some injections. PREPARE MYSELF FOR TOMORROW’S TIRING DAY!

Section 3: Random picture of the day

Ladies and gentlemen, meet lunch. This was my lunch today, and I just can’t help but post this photo right here. Why? Because my next love after anime is food. Its my second time eating it, but I want to say that its the most awesome curry I’ve tasted in a while. The curry is continuously kept heated, so no worries about cold curry, not only that, before its served to you, it gets heated up again! All this heating up makes the curry really really thick because the water evaporates, and the thicker the curry, the more taste it holds per scoop. This dish has one of the best names ever. “Chicken Curry Rice”. Why? Because its just chicken, curry and rice! Sadly the place you can buy this is in the deserted Tuas Industrial area. Delicious things are delicious.


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