Anime, daily life and randomness

Good Friday!

Time to watch some anime!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Medaka Box 1
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka? S2 1
  • Polar Bear Cafe 1
  • Recorder to Randoseru 14

Starting of with Medaka Box.
OP and ED are decent, but the ED wasn’t very audible this episode, let’s see what it sounds like next episode. Moving on to the episode: Tsunderes, tsunderes everywhere. The entire anime is about tsundere and tsundere characters. Except Shiranui. Shiranui is probably the next Lemon in this season, master troll and incredibly funny, I want to see more of her antics.
It also seems that every girl character in this series has some sort of a ahoge that can move on command. Well not that I dislike it, but the ahoges really emphasize the character’s attitude, especially in Shiranui’s case.

Moving on: Zombie zombie!
O dayum, reminds me of why I really like this show. The comedy is epic, and there’s plot too! Also, sometimes the comedy can get incredibly embarrassing to watch, even if you’re alone. Haruna is epic.
MAXIMUM NARCISSISM! Watching on, we get a fanservice scene, trap fanservice that is.
GOGO TRANSFORMATION SCENE! Everyone’s out to get Ayumu’s ass lololololol. However what I never really noticed was the after-ED scenes.
YAY EUCLIWOOD! OP and ED are similar to the first season (iirc) I don’t actually listen to all of the anime songs, just those that I really like. Great 1st episode for a re-introduction.

Next up: Animal anime!
Straight off, the OP sounds like something a Korean boy band would sing, heavily autotuned and pop-ish. ED is weird and oriental-ish, but strangely upbeat. As for the anime itself, its like the most laid back and slack slice of life I’ve ever seen. Its literally an anime about slacking.
Seriously, and to top it off, we have animals who talk and walk among humans like normal and yet they hold jobs at the zoo. Apparently by acting the way they do in the wild is ‘natural’ even though they’re all human-like (behaviour wise). Weird anime is weird.

3 minute shorts: Recorder to Randoseru.
Now recently I’ve been notified of Hadena being bad subbers, because apparently they have bad script-writers or something, but I didn’t see anything wrong with their releases so far. Even this release of Hadena, though its incorrect literally, but it adds some humor to the show, as long as its not GG subs’s level of trolling with Hidan no Aria then its fine.
Pokemon references lolololol. Its fine to be trolling for a 3 minute short I guess.


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