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Jazz in my pants

Yay for jazz!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakamichi no Apollon 1

Starting off with the one that downloaded faster.
This is a story about a boy, who moved from the city to one of the provinces as a transfer student. Because his dad is a sailor, he’s always not around to look after him, and his mom has apparently abandoned him. From the moment he stepped into class, it was immediately noticed that everyone in school hates him, everyone except the class president and the class delinquent. O and the nerd who sits beside him, but that’s not the point. The entire class has this stereotype about city guys, that they are rich, and because the teacher introduced him as the top student of his previous class, apparently city boys are also spoiled and look down upon everyone. By chance of going up to the roof, he meets Sen, the class delinquent who skipped classes to get the roof key from 3 seniors who go up to the roof to smoke. Immediately he is swept away in the jazz beats of Sen and the staring of his classmates which previously made him nauseous, now no longer does. He notices that he has changed immediately and wonders why.
Now this anime is centered around jazz music and the life of a boy who gave up on society who finds that there’s more to life than just surviving. I can smell the drama in this one, keeping tabs on it. O yea, OP and ED are really good.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 35)

Today, I started off cleaning the guinea pigs and then the chickens. After that I went in to clean the pig pens, only to find out that one of the sows had given birth! OMGAWD SOW GIVES BIRTH WTF DO I DO?! So then I remembered that animals giving birth in the wild didn’t have any help either, so I cleaned up their area and then left them alone. The sow gave birth to 5 cute piglets! After lunch I went down to check the pigs and then went back up to check the newborns. I hope none of them dies =<

Jazz is awesome

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