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Morning zombie

This morning I’ll be watching the zombie shows! And Accel World.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka? S2 2
  • Sankarea 2
  • Accel World 2

Starting with the zombie shows.
Ayumu has failed to wipe the memories of the students in his school, because Mysteltainn has been broken. So this episode we see him coping with the extreme stress of being labled as a hentai cross dressing flasher.  Btw, Ayumu is married to Yukinori, who is really cute and doting on him. Though the marriage was an accident though.
When will his harem stop growing? Everyone’s either after him, his ass, or his powers. Well, the ending part, where it features the VAs of Eucliwood in Ayumu’s illusions is pretty funny and cute, also, Ayumu is probably the most famous pervert on earth right about now.

Next: Sankarea!
This episode we get a glimpse into Rea’s past and background. Well, I hate her father. There’s a limit to how much restriction you give in love until it becomes an obsession. No seriously, so many characters to hate this season ._.
When you can’t even trust your own dad, and you can’t trust your mom who’s ignoring your existence, what would you do? With nobody to depend on emotionally, all she had was Furuya, until her father put her under house arrest, now all alone in her house, what can she do besides listen to her father like some doll? Obviously suicide was the only way to end the suffering. Well, its that or she can beat her father up, which is impossible. I would probably choose suicide as well in this situation.

Next: Accel World!
Well, that sums up the pre-air that I watched previously, from here on its gonna be new material every week! If you’ve watched the pre-air episodes, its exactly the same, but this time we have an episode 3 preview. I WANT TO SEE KUROYUKIHIME’S DUEL AVATARRRRR.

Section 3: Manga read today

  • TWGOK 185

We see Haqua engaging a Vintage member in a fight, and she’s been wounded. While Ayumi waits for Keima at the ship, Keima and Chihiro rush to find her. Time is running out, will Ayumi be conquered in time?


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