Anime, daily life and randomness

Good morning!

お早うございます~ Nice rainy morning to watch anime.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sankarea 3
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka S2 3
  • Shiawase no Pan 2

Starting with Sankarea
This episode we see that Rea’s father being the over-possessive faggot that he is, wants Furuya to stay  away from Rea. Actually, he wants everyone to stay the fuck away from Rea, because he’s an over-possessive faggot. Rea runs away from home attempting to warn Furuya of what her father is about to do, but her father’s manservant finds out and reports it to him. They find Rea on a cliff going towards the abandoned building where they used to meet every night and over-possessive faggot accidentally knocks Rea over because he wanted to whack a cute little kitten with his cane. The resulting fall from the cliff kills Rea instantly after she gets slashed by a branch. But what’s that?! SHE’S NOT DEAD?!
Btw I find Babu’s VA incredibly cute and funny. The fact that it even required a VA is already lulzy, but she pulled it off with such cuteness that I can only laugh.

Next zombie show: Kore wa Zombie
This episode was full of randomness, Mysteltainne is completely wrecked now, not even chou-tensai-masou-shoujo Haruna-chan can fix it. Then we have Sarasvati’s DAT ASS moments.
Shiriai also means acquaintance, its a pun. What’s important is the last part where plot hints are being dropped. Apparently the masou shoujo from the first season wants to fight Ayumu again, the one with a lot of lives.

Finally: Shiawase no Pan.
Well, the storm came and passed, doesn’t seem very impressive though, looks like the kind of storm that I can just walk home in. They made friends with elves too! Awww how sweet.
At the end, a lady washes up on the shore and it looks like some action is kicking in next episode. WHERE’S MY HAREM!?

Section 3: Manga read today

  • TWGOK 186

Keima and Chihiro has finally reached the seaside and realise that Ayumi is in a nice boat. Keima offers Chihiro 1 question of which Keima will answer truthfully, everything else will be explained later should Ayumi inquire more. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN OMGOMGOMGOMG


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