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I am in despair!

I’m so disappointed by the things that has happened today. First at work (which I cannot divulge, but basically something is going to create trouble for me if it isn’t solved now. I tried to solve it, but was stopped because I “am gonna stress the pigs by walking in and out, they might die”. YEAAAAA SURRREEEEEEE THEY WILLL.) Then when I reached home looking forward to some Tasogare Otome, the subs (that I want) aren’t released. O C’MON! But its k, that means I’ll have anime to watch tomorrow.

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Uchuu Kyoudai 4
  • Haiyore! Nyarlko-san 3

We see that Mutta has finally reached the last of the second examinations, but he splendidly bombed the last question because he’s so baws.
As for whether he really passes or not, we’ll have to find out next episode!

Next up: Nyarlko-san!
YES YES YESSSSSS! Cthuko has transferred into the same school as Nyarlko and Mahiro, THAT MEANS MOAR YURI ACTION YEAAAAAA!!!
O YEAAAAAA! Well, playful advances aside, I feel bad for the older brother. He literally didn’t even do anything to Nyarlko before he got brushed off the planet. Like seriously, which bad guy is ever THAT pathetic?

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 42)

Started out the day with feeding chickens and guinea pigs. Went into the pens to check and WHOAAAAA 3 pigs gave birth to piglets! In total we had 17 more piglets and the whole place is a mess because the piglets are crawling all over the place, getting mixed up with the OTHER piglets. I proceeded to block up the gaps which they could crawl through but was stopped. After lunch I went down to weigh some 50-80kg pigs. Yes, that’s right, 50-80kg, thankfully the room was spacious enough to carry the weighing machine into the pen, or else I could have died there carrying pigs. Weighing the pigs took the entire afternoon and now I’m mad tired.


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