Anime, daily life and randomness

Not sure if time slowed down, or I’m just moving faster.

Today felt so slow, like time is slowly crawling past instead of walking by. It could be just the torrents being slow as well, but meh, whatever.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Medaka Box 3
  • Polar Bear Cafe 4
  • Recorder to Randoseru 17

Starting off with whichever finished first.
Continuing from last episode’s second half, the competition between Akune and Hitoyoshi starts, all Hitoyoshi has to do is score 1 point against Akune while Akune gets the full 10 points. I won’t say who wins, but the result is that Akune joins the Student Council, which now has 3 people.
From the side it looks censored, but the mirror says otherwise. POINTLESS CENSORSHIP IS POINTLESS! Also, Akune is one infatuated guy.

Next: Polar Bear Cafe!
The OP sounds like a K-Pop song, I swear. Well, not that I dislike it, it just sounds like a K-Pop boyband song, its really catchy! This episode we have the bunch slacking around Polar Bear’s cafe as per usual.
Best excuse ever, I’m going to start using this excuse from now on. Panda got asked out by the gang to go for a drive so that Polar Bear can show Penguin some driving techniques. What do they do?
They go to a drive-thru and troll. Its really funny and the restaurant employee sounds pretty cute.

3 minute shorts: Recorder to Randoseru
When will Sayo ever realise that the person she’s in love with is 8 years younger than her?

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 44)

Started the day with feeding of the chickens and guinea pigs, after that I went to check on the piglets and was told that I could start barricading the pens so that the piglets won’t run all over the place and get mixed up. Went down for a while to slack, then started barricading the pens all the way to lunch. After lunch I slacked some more and then went into the Cell Biology lab to learn some stuff (which I already know) and help out with the machinery. After that its checking and treating pigs and the day ends.


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