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Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 29 (streamed)
  • Accel World 4
  • Upotte!! 4
  • Nazo no Kanojo X 4
  • Acchi Kocchi 4
  • Folktales From Japan 4
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 4

Always starting with Hunter X Hunter. If you can’t already feel my fanboyism from the first sentence, here it is again.
HUNTER X HUNTER WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sadly, the torrents aren’t up yet, so I have to resort to streaming the episode and downloading it for storage later, heck I might even re-watch it because I’m such a fanboy. Having have their nen forcefully awakened by Wing, they both now know how to use Ten, the most basic move of all nen practices primarily used for defense. With that alone, they are able to pass Hisoka’s nen throws and finally register for the level 200s.
Having been told what to expect once you pass the level 200s, both Gon and Killua lose interest in the final prize because they don’t really give a shit about fame or riches, what Gon wants to do now is to train and return Hisoka’s punch. Killua’s just accompanying Gon until he finds something he wants to do.

Next: Accel World
The amount of drama in this show is accelerating (no pun intended). Last episode we are told that a certain Cyan Pile is after Black Lotus and that a backdoor was found in Chiyu’s system. This episode, someone attempts to kill Kuroyukihime by attempting to ram her with a car. Haru is saved by Kuroyukihime because she used a command that only Level 9 users are able to use, it consumes 99% of all Burst Points and physically accelerates the body beyond the speed of thought and thus causing her to be able to move while in acceleration.
Nice dream there Haru, but why you so cowardly?! Kuroyukihime, having saved Haru was unable to save herself and receives almost-fatal damage from the collision, she is quickly wheeled to the hospital and doctors are able to stabilise her vital signs, as for the physical damages to her body, it will take time to heal and thus she is currently unable to protect herself from any duels. Cyan Pile takes this chance to make his move, and well well well, look who showed up.
Taku turned out to be Cyan Pile after all, having planted that backdoor in Chiyu’s system and using it to continuously challenge Black Lotus. Next episode we see Silver Crow (Level 1) vs Cyan Pile (Level 4). Can’t wait to see the outcome, even though Silver Crow  is obviously gonna win. (C’mon, its shounen, you can’t have the main character losing his first ever serious battle now can you?)

Next up: Guns trivia meets moe-slice-of-life. Upotte!!
This episode we have some drama brought up via insult-over-limit. M16 called L85 a dud, which means a ‘fake’ firearm, or one that is unable to function properly. That causes Eru (L85) to be sad and runs away while M16 goes to a skill-test alone. She was supposed to be paired with Eru, but now that Eru’s depressed and emo about her uselessness, M16 decides to 1v2 all the way to victory. Meanwhile, we see M18 and FNC using some prow tactics.
Not as much reaction faces this episode, but still has good ol’ gun trivia and history.

Next up: Nazo no Kanojo X!
I’m glad I didn’t drop this at the first episode, the protagonist isn’t one of those pervert or accidental-perverts like in typical romance shows, but rather the show is very much focused on Urabe and her mysteriousness. That’s interesting enough to keep me watching, I’d like to see the relationship between them blossom. This episode we see Oka trying to befriend Urabe by luring her with delicious bait food. Urabe instantly rejects because
Tsubaki as her boyfriend is enough already. Any man hearing that from his girlfriend would instantly be happy, I mean, who wouldn’t?!
See? Also, I feel that Oka got rejected because obviously she’s not using the proper technique in befriending people. The proper technique, developed by a certain lyrical, magical girl, is to Starlight Breaker their ass and they’ll magically become your friend, its really that easy. Its also impossible to miss a Starlight Breaker because you can’t miss when everything is your target.

Next: Acchi Kocchi! YAY!
This time on Side A, we have the gang playing a game with the school as the battle ground. Its a game of Kick the Can! Simply put, its like Hide and Seek, except you have to physically touch the person for him/her to be out. Also, the Hiders can win by kicking the can instead of Hide and Seek where you just hide forever. We all know how eccentric Mayoi is, but I never expected her to pull off this kind of trap.
More importantly, how did Kana just run straight through that and not feel a thing? Her head must be as hard as rock. Over on Side B, Io and Sakaki get invited onto a talk-show kind of program via the school’s network. They help answer questions in the Help & Advice section of the show and coincidentally, most of the questions are about love. Questions like: How to make a guy fall for you? Answer: Push him over the rooftop.
Literally falling for you. At the end of the program we have a few words by the charismatic and prince-like Io. Here’s a reminder that he’s live on school TV, meaning the entire school is watching him. This was the result:
Multiply that by the number of classes in the school. Io is a scary person.

Next: Folktales from Japan!
I probably should stop writing about this anime, its really just folktales and doesn’t have much to talk about ._.

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
Super Poyo, ’nuff said.


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