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Labour day

Yes, its Labour day and I have no work YAY! Guess what I did with my time today? Nope, not watching anime. I played an RPG-VN and I completed it today.

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Haiyore! Nyarlko-san 4

This episode, we have Mahiro’s mother coming back home. Surprisingly, she’s a gamer mom. (!!!!) AND she also holds a part time job as a Deity Hunter. (!!!!!!) Badass mom is badass. A new person comes into town, short, blond, braided hair.
Hastur is classmates with Nyarlko and Cthuko and was their elementary school student president! Prone to accidents and always bumping into Mahiro, its MAXIMUM CUTE! Speaking of cute, there’s also Cthuko and her spazzing over everything ‘nyarlko’.

Section 3: Monmusu Quest Part 2

In English its translated Monster Girl Quest. There was a first part originally released and this is the second part, continuing on the first one. This isn’t the art on the game cover, but it was the only SFW one that I could find. Basically, our hero Luka continues on his journey to attain strength so that he can stop monsters from harassing and eating humans. If you haven’t played the first one, be sure to play this game. This game has VERY good plot and lots of scenes for you to endlessly relieve yourself. This is probably the first time I’ve ever played a game like this for the plot. The plot is seriously very good, so is the BGM. I just (like 1 hour ago) finished the ending of part 2. I can’t wait for part 3.

The battle style of the game is turned-based and pretty easy to catch a hold of, but playing this halfway through, I didn’t really give a shit to the battles anymore but because you HAVE to win to continue, I couldn’t skip it. The battles feel monotonous to me, with little challenge once you find the trick to defeat almost every monster. Like I’ve pointed out previously, what’s really keeping me playing this is actually the storyline, its captivating and really widens my understanding of conflict as well as my personal views. There are extras (spin-off stories) that you can download from the web (made by other people) and you can view them from the main menu. Of course, that’s not all the extras, there are standard ones like an encyclopedia of all the past monsters you’ve encountered as well as their CGs. Did I mention that the BGM for this game is really good? I believe I need to emphasize on it. This game, just like the more popular VNs out there, also has a very good BGM to accompany the good storyline.

This game isn’t free of course, you have to pay for it. I find the cost of this game to be VERY VERY affordable, its a good price for an awesome game like this.

Here’s the links, they’re not straight to the game producers, but they’re the group that did the English patches.

They’re links the page in their website with the links to acquire MGQ legally, do support them. As for the patches and their updates you have to look around their page for a bit to get the latest stable and most-updated patches.


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