Anime, daily life and randomness

Cuts, cuts everywhere.

Since today is Wednesday, there isn’t any anime for me to watch =<

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (Day 48)

Started the day collecting 4 types of samples from each room: Stool, skin scrape, nasal swab, blood sample. Second floor’s 4 rooms went without MUCH trouble, however one of third floor’s room’s boar gave me some trouble. While attempting to scrape his skin, I accidentally cut myself because he fidgeted, and now I have this nasty cut on my left hand’s middle finger. Well its not really that nasty, but it still hurts =(
After the sample collection, I went to clean up the chicken and guinea pigs as fast as I can because it was already lunch time. Had a quick lunch because we have to collect ear tissue samples from some other pigs in the afternoon. After the ear tissue samples were collected, we had to put down a sick pig that wasn’t responding to treatment, so we put it down and used it for necropsy training/practice. I learned quite a lot of stuff. Well not really, but I learned what organs are usually taken out and what a fresh carcass’s organs look like.



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