Anime, daily life and randomness

I survived!

Yes I did, or else I wouldn’t be able to write this.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakamachi no Apollon 4
  • Recorder to Randoseru 18

Very awesome episode. We get a peek into Sentarou’s past, which wasn’t the least bit heartwarming. We see Kaoru and Sentarou slowly getting closer to each other as each of them starts to understand the other’s suffering and situations. What was Sentarou doing with Yurika last episode? This:Pro modelling skills there bro. Also: Love square has evolved to love pentagon!

3 minute shorts: Recorder to Randoseru
Well well well, we see much of Atsushi being mistaken for an adult, but the moments where Atsumi gets mistaken for a kid is rare. In this episode we see so much of it. THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING A KID IS SO AWESOME DAMMIT. iknowthatfeel.jpg @ Atsushi.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student

Started work with cleaning and feeding chickens and guinea pigs as usual, then went down to help out at the surgery. When I reached there they had already sedated the pig and was shaving and washing it. The conversation that followed was pretty stupid though.

Manager: Didn’t you know we have surgery today?
Me: Yea I knew
Manager: Then why you still so late? Where were you?
Me: Cleaning the guinea pigs and chickens
Manager: Why? You should help out with surgery first!
Me: You didn’t tell me what time it starts, so I thought it was in the afternoon.
Manager: You didn’t ask me! So is it my fault or your fault?
Me: … (Didn’t answer after that)

Most. Ridiculous. Conversation. Ever. Its not like they NEEDED me or anything, they could very well handle everything with that new, very enthusiastic vet that they hired. Its not like they wanted me to be down there so I could learn either, they just wanted me to constantly make sure that the pig was breathing. How? By looking at a balloon. WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO LOOK AT A BALLOON?! Anyone could have done that job, but they chose me, the intern who was supposed to learn by observing the surgery. Instead, the surgery room was crowded with 9 people, of which only 3 were actually doing the surgery (4 were our clients, 2 of them are the surgeons that they brought over). Meaning 5 of the 9 people there are the company’s employee and only 3 were actually doing anything helping the surgery, the other 2 were just standing around and looking on. And I got scolded for not being down there. I don’t even understand this.

The surgery ended at 2pm (skipped lunchtime) and we (by we I mean me and the former-intern, yes, only 2 of us) finished cleaning up at 4pm. Went out to have ‘lunch’ and came back to finish some reports.

Section 3: Manga read today

  • Hayate no Gotoku 361

This chapter is all about Maria and what she does. MARIA YAY! 17 year-old motherly figure? DO WANT!


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