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Time to watch all the anime!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Accel World 5
  • Upotte!! 5
  • Hunter X Hunter 30
  • Nazo no Kanojo X 5
  • Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan 4
  • Natsuiro Kiseki 3
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 18

Starting off with the very intense and kinda rushed Accel World.
Last episode we were left hanging when Silver Crow challenged Cyan Pile to a duel. This episode we see for sure that Taku is indeed Cyan Pile and the battle between the 2 of them. Well, as according to what I predicted last week, Silver Crow won. Not only did he win, he also preached to Taku about being his comrade to fight for Kuroyukihime who’s real name is….
is….. I dunno, the episode left it hanging as well. Hopefully we’ll hear it next episode. This is Cyan Pile reacting to the super-flirting between Black Lotus and Silver Crow. Black Lotus’s true avatar is revealed this episode, and IT LOOKS SO FRIGGIN’ COOOOOOOLLL! But Kuroyukihime says it doesn’t have any hands for you to hold, and thus is ugly. Riggghhhtttt…..

Next: Upotte!!
M16 somehow manages to advance past the semi-finals by herself despite jamming up during the semi-final match. Meanwhile, in the other semi-final match, FNC and AR18 are up against Galil and SAKO Rk95. SAKO’s sadist side (up to the point of sexual excitement) is revealed this episode as she continues to fire at FNC even after the match was declared over. In the finals, M16 and the just arrived L85 team up against Galil and SAKO. SAKO uses the observer’s hand gestures to determine the opponent’s position (cheating), when SG550 stops the 2 ‘spies’ of SAKO, SAKO fires at SG550 and knocks her out. What will happen next episode? More importantly, SG550 NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

Next: Hunter X Hunter!!!!
This episode we have Gon in a fight with Gido. Gon who’s only just learned about Nen has absolutely no chance to win and he’s only in the fight to see what Nen can do because he just learned it.
Meanwhile, Kurapica looks for employment, preferably one with connections to the black market so that he can get his hands on the Scarlet Eyes and return them to his tribesmen. Yet, he is told by the agent that he’s not even qualified, despite being a Hunter. A passing Nen user sees him and decides to train him as his master. What will Kurapica and Gon do after discovering the existence of Nen? What kind of monsters does Wing think he has awakened? NEXT EPISODE!

Next up: Nazo no Kanojo X!
This episode, we see the guys’ cheap tricks to sneak peeks at the girls of their class in pool lesson. Cheap trick, but hey! It works! When its Tsubaki’s turn, he sees Urabe wiping herself dry from her swim. The towel is obstructing his view, but he still loses concentration and misses his kick thus failing the trick to see the girls in their swimsuits.
Armpit fetish aren’t limited to guys only O_O?! Later in the episode we see that Tsubaki has mustered up the courage to ask Urabe out for a date by the beach. She turns up tanned because she was swimming while visiting her father.
Seawater and sweat are pretty similar eh? Both are salty and both are made up of excretions by living things (humans and fish). Huehuehue, can’t wait to see next episode’s development.

Next: Shiawase no Pan.
This week we go treasure hunting! There’s a shiny object under the sea and Xiaomei decides to gather people and haul up the object hoping that its treasure. When they finally haul it up with Hank’s help, the palace guards arrive at the scene to claim everything due to an old tradition of the island.
Why would the palace just haul up everything from the sea and why does Hank suspect them? What does Xiaomei know about the seas? I can’t wait to see this explained.

Catching up: Natsuiro Kiseki!
I know I’m lagging behind, but hopefully I can catch up to this by Wednesday. This episode we see that Yuusuke still can’t get over the fact that 4 girls flew previously and wants to tell his friends about it. Due to that, he gets into a fight with Daiki (Natsumi’s brother) and we see the girls trying to get them to make up with each other.
Blogger note: Plan means keikaku.

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
This episode, we have a blue eyes white cat introduced. She’s so timid that even Poyo gets slapped by her. But Poyo saves her when she falls off the tree and she immediately takes a liking to Poyo. But then again, who DOESN’T like Poyo?


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