Anime, daily life and randomness

Massive fever.

Anybody wanna visit me? I’ll go tsuntsun on you then turn deredere. “Its not like I wanted you to visit or anything! B-BAAAKAAAAA”

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Medaka Box 5
  • Polar Bear Cafe 6
  • Recorder to Randoseru 19

Starting with the over-due Medaka Box (it appears the subs I was using dropped them, so I had to change subs.) This episode we have a pool-competition! And once again we see Medaka being the OP beast that she is, and Shiranui also shows her sadist side.
Well, it does look funny from a spectator’s point of view, and Shiranui’s too concerned about food to give a shit about anything. I wonder where she gets the money to buy all that snacks =< I WANT SOME SNACKS TOO!

Next: Polar Bear Cafe!
This time, we see that Panda goes on a diet and actually succeeds! There’s a whole lot of Rocky-feel to it (what was the old movie about the boxing world champion one? Rocky right?) In the second half, we get a sneak peek into the wild side of the city. In Grizzly the Bar!
Grizzly is a rough-mouthed bartender who runs his own bar. He honours relationships as shown by him giving special treatment to Panda because he’s Polar Bear’s friend. Really cool guy, I wish I’d get to meet someone like Grizzly in life at least once.

3 minute short: Recorder to Randoseru
SPORTS FESTIVAL! As expected, Atsushi totally owns every single event because he’s so tall and has the build of a grown up.

Section 2: Daily log of sick intern student (Day 54)

Went to work in the morning thinking I’d be fine and can carry on. After feeding and guinea pigs and the chickens, I was so dizzy I couldn’t even walk properly. I went up and the manager asked me to ‘just go home’, and so I did. I was about to camp the rest of the day at home, but my mom asked me to get an MC and some medicine. I’m kinda glad I did, because now I have 2 days MC and I know how high my fever is: 38.6 degrees.


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