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Free Friday

I have an MC for today, and it appears I still have a slight fever. Well, most of it died down yesterday, so I’m probably fine enough to walk around without stumbling now. With so much free time what do I do? O look! DotA LoD!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Natsuiro Kiseki 5-6
  • Sakamachi no Apollon 6

Starting with Natsuiro Kiseki.
Episode 5: Rin falls sick after being caught in the rain (that’s weird, it never ever happens to me.) Yuka pays her a visit and ends up catching her cold. The main star in this show was the whale though.
Flying whales and their hallucinations.
Episode 6: Ever felt so short on time that you wished there was 2 of you?
O hey! Magical rock can grant your wish as long as you contract with it to become a magical girl!
O wait…… I wish there could be 2 of me too!

Next: Sakamachi no Apollon!
This week, we see Kaoru getting rejected by Ritsuko. He falls into despair and completely ignores everything around him, until his father gives him a letter which allows him to see his mother, whom he has never met since his parent’s divorce when he was young. Kaoru decides to go on the trip to Tokyo to see his mom, as well as mend his broken heart. Just when he thought he was alone, Sentarou managed to get a ticket and tags along.
Fancy restaurants and their fancy food. Since Sentarou is from the countryside, they don’t have much of the city lifestyle like Tokyo and thus is simple and realistic. Doesn’t make him any less cool though. He reminds me of Grizzly from Polar Bear Cafe.

Section 3: Notifications

I will be gone over the weekend to a stay-in camp, while I’m there, I can’t bring my laptop with me and there’s no internet access there, so I won’t be posting everyday. It should resume on 13/5/2012 though, I should be back by then.

Until then, you can listen to these awesome versions of  various Bakemonogatari OPs (only the ones that I like, actually). Its part of the Bakamonogatari OST pack.

Title: “Tadaima, kaerimashita!”

Title: “Senjougahara-tore”

Title: “Koyomi onii-chan”

Title: “Senjougahara senpai”


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