Anime, daily life and randomness

Decisions, Choices and Management

Not sure if I should be happy or sad. Can’t decide, can’t choose. I’ll just manage when I’ll be sad and when I’ll be happy. Right now, ANIME TIMEEEEEE!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hyouka 6
  • Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 8

Starting off with the Curious Case of Chitanda Eru.
Today, we see that Chitanda probably the most curious person in the history of anime. You wouldn’t believe what she’s curious over today. She’s curious about why she’s angry. No really, isn’t it pretty obvious that someone would know why they’re angry? Apparently for Chitanda, it seems that she either has short-term memory, or is just too good-hearted to remember hostile thoughts.
She’s just that good of a person. She believes that everyone has their reasons and that people wouldn’t do something that they know is bad. As usual, Oreki is the focus of her curiousity problems.
As an observer, this scene is EXTREMELY cute, but as Oreki, this scene must have been torture for him, considering how he doesn’t actually want to do anything that wastes energy. This guy is the epitome of lazy, if he was anymore lazy he’d die of not breathing.

Next: Amnesia ghost!
Yuuko has forcefully forgotten everything regarding Niiya, having been ‘rejected’ by Yuuko, Niiya slowly forgets about Yuuko, until one day he flip opens Okonogi’s Paranormal Investigations Club log, he is reminded of Yuuko and how his time with her were always fun and interesting.
Yuuko used Amnesia!
Sp Def and Sp Atk sharply rose!
Niiya uses Confess!
Amnesia lost its effect!
Yes, she remembered about Niiya and it happens that the love is mutual. AWWW HAPPY ENDING! You wish, Shadow Yuuko hasn’t been explained yet, and I WANT IT EXPLAINED! But for now: YAY VANILLA GHOST LOVE!

Section 2: Daily countdown of intern student (14 days to freedom)

Started the day cleaning chickens and guinea pigs. Went down to draw some guinea pig’s blood, MANAGED TO DO EVERYTHING BY MYSELF *BEAMING WITH PRIDE*. After that I went up and the vet drew the blood for the chicken while I restraint it. Took some time, but he got it done in the end. After lunch I went down to prepare for a necropsy training, only to find out that its cancelled because the carcass was too frozen and couldn’t be cut open. So much for preparation. Ended up helping the vet to treat some pigs and slacking around for some time.


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