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Having so much free time only means one thing

No not fapfapfap, I’m gonna watch all the anime I can on my TV before my family comes back and I have to go back to my small screen =<
Here’s my rig set up, its pretty boring, but hey at least I can watch anime on a bigger screen!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Polar Bear Cafe 9
  • Sakamich no Apollon 8
  • Medaka Box 9
  • Natsuiro Kiseki 9

Had work today, sucked. They didn’t actually need my help at all, but because of that, I lost 3 hours there and after I came back from work, a certain EoD clanmaster asked me to get out of the house to go derping with him. Time well spent I must say, though I sucked so bad at DotA 2.

Onto anime: Starting with Polar Bear Cafe!
This episode we have the panda-crazed florist who got a flower delivery to Panda’s household. While he’s there, Panda is slacking around in Polar Bear Cafe whining about RinRin the florist. Polar Bear starts to come up with stories about why RinRin is so obsessed with Pandas.
Mad storytelling skillz bro.

Next up: Sakamichi no Apollon
This episode was pretty packed. Lots of stuff happened. Yurika somehow got into a relationship with Jun, Ritsuko is starting to accept Kaoru’s feelings and Sentaro now realises Ritsuko’s feelings.

Next up: Medaka Box!
Shit’s going down in Medaka Box, the Student Discipline council has sent 3 assassins to eliminate the rest of the Student Council while the president handles Medaka. Instead of fighting, Medaka ninjas away (literally) to save her comrades from the assassins. She barely makes it in time for all 3 of them and the episode ends.
Yep, Medaka running around leaving after images, climbing up walls and falling out of 5th floor windows, speeding through crowds on a bike going 80km/h. Totally normal.

Next: Natsuiro Kiseki
This week, we find out that the rock has a cousin.
Yes, and it can make people invisible too! I wonder why she just walks around naked even though can wear masks and all that to prevent people from finding out that she’s invisible. I guess its just too hot huh?

Section 3: Day 4 of 30 day challenge

Day 4 is ‘an anime which is your favourite for the art-style/drawing.’

For the past…. I dunno, 10 months? I didn’t actually care about the artstyle because I was a streamfag and streamed all my anime. I didn’t bother using a high quality stream, so most of the anime I’ve watched were in 240p or 360p. Yes, eye cancer, I know. Ever since I started downloading my episodes, I can’t stand anything less than 480p anymore. (I torrent in 720p, but 480 is okay for me.) Only recently, like REALLY recent, like THIS SEASON where I actually watched an anime that I truly admire the art.

That anime is Hyouka. Sure I’ve watched Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and I love SHAFT’s character design (wide faces in Hidamari Sketch is uber cute) and all that, but SHAFT is different all together. I like SHAFT because of the COMBINATION of all their factors, the delivery, the animation style, the headtilts.

If strictly speaking for art ALONE, its gotta be Hyouka. The art is so beautifully detailed that there’s rarely any moments where something isn’t moving on the screen. The OP and ED sequences are also animated really well. If there’s anything I’m watching for art, its gotta be Hyouka.

The production house of Hyouka is Kyoto Animation, or KyoAni for short. They are also the ones who produced Suzumiya Haruhi, K-On, Lucky Star. Notice how they have a few moeblob shows in their list, yet Hyouka is animated in such a way that the characters are cute, yet not overly cute like the moeblobs. Some scenes, especially in episode 1, are so incredibly detailed that they literally look like pieces of landscape art.

Add that art to the engaging story line and a main character that I can relate to, and I have one of the anime I’m gonna favourite.

Section 4: Manga read today

  • TWGOK 190

This chapter was all about the goddesses. Of course, having been awakened and attached to their human hosts, they all want to help their hosts to acquire Keima’s attention and love. Meanwhile Keima is on a mission on a boat. I have no idea what he’s doing and why he’s on that mission, but from today, it’ll be a 2 weeks break before the manga releases another chapter, sooo… LET’S WAIT PATIENTLY.

Right before midnight!

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