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I’m actually feeling bored. Wow.

Got the day off today, what shall I do? O I KNOW! Play DotA LoD the whole day! *gets bored after 7 games* Dayumm…. So I’ma start watching anime now.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Uchuu Kyoudai 10
  • Polar Bear Cafe 10

Starting with Afronaut!
The 3rd exam has begun! The selected ones are asked to get aboard a bus with no windows and are told to leave their luggage in the trunk, their handphones and watches with the examiner. Kenji notices that the exam is also help in the bus immediately and asks Mutta subtly if he also noticed.
O yea he totally does. THE BUS DRIVER IS BALD!

Next: Polar Bear Cafe!
This week, we have an episode dedicated to Mr. Handa’s group blind date. He doesn’t want to go because he has to clean his toilet at home.
To be honest though, I wouldn’t go to a blind date group either. Too much awkwardness and I’m just not the kind of person that loves to socialize. If I did go though, I’d probably be sitting in one corner, eat and entertain whoever wants to talk to me (hopefully no one).

Section 3: Day 9 of 30 day challenge

Day 9 is ‘an anime which made you cry.’

Let’s see… There’s been a variety of anime that made me cry, but after awhile I stopped crying for some reason. Maybe I cried my tears out.

Many of you are familiar with Clannad and Angel Beats!,  those are the more common tearjerkers I know off, but not a lot of people know about Ano Hana. Unfortunately, I am not going to talk about Ano Hana either. I’m going to surprise you guys by saying…

The anime that has made me cry was Ano Natsu de Matteru. Yes, that was last season’s anime, by J.C Staff and art by Ano Hana people. To be specific, only one scene in Ano Natsu made me cry: the scene where Kanna finds out that Kaito only had eyes for Ichika and Tetsurou was comforting her. To see my favourite (aside from Lemon) character in the series crying is saddening, even though I already know she’s not gonna get the Kaito, I still can’t help but root for her. When she finally broke down and cried, (after helping her rival?! She’s really cares so much for Kaito) I couldn’t help but shed manly tears as well. Yes I know, this anime isn’t a tearjerker and yes I know some people really dislike the main pairing, but the ‘supporting’ characters were those that really shone. Kanna’s character was played out so well that you unconsciously find yourself standing on her side, wanting to kill that bastard Kaito for rejecting her.
This is the exact scene that made me cry. What more, Mio was also crying behind a shed when Tetsurou was comforting Kanna. These 3 characters truly outshone the main pair and even though they’re just ‘supporting’ characters, I really can’t help but root for all of them. Or maybe I just hate Kaito.

Section 4: Manga read today

  • To Love-Ru Darkness

I noticed I haven’t been posting about manga for a while, so here’s the in-your-face fanservice-almost-hentai-but-not manga. The specialty of this manga is that it ISN’T hentai, but the fanservice is so extreme that it pretty much categorizes as one already. This week we have Mea being the badass weapon that she is. She’s an upgraded, more features version of Yami. Her master hasn’t spoken to her for a while already, and it seems that Mea is worried because she doesn’t know what to do. She insists that she’s just a weapon and has no mind of her own. Yet when 3 badguys show up and attack her, she fights back while protecting Rito. Why? Hopefully they’ll develop that part of the story.

6 days to freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedommmmmm!!!

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