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Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Medaka Box 10
  • Natsuiro Kiseki 10
  • Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan 7

Starting with the super stronk student council president and her crew!
This week we see that Unzen is still bent on fighting Medaka and even goes all the way into the student council office to attempt to kill all 4 of the student council members. Medaka obviously survives, but she’s angry.
Ever been so angry your hair turned red and you punch a 10 year old kid in his stomach? Well, Unzen deserved it though. He obviously went all out to kill Medaka and/or to make her angry just so he could have a fun time fighting her. What he didn’t expect was for Medaka to morph into super saiyan War God mode. BEAT THE LITTLE KID! BEAT THE LITTLE KID!

Next: Natsuiro Kiseki
This week we have a time-travelling adventure! Natsumi and gang can’t remember what happened on the day of the typhoon, so they made a wish so that they might remember. The memory doesn’t immediately enter their minds, rather, their memories are replayed and the gang met themselves when they were 4 years younger. Their younger selves also unconsciously made a wish to see what would their 4 years older selves be, so its like 2 wishes granted simultaneously and some epic time-travelling adventure. It really reminds me of Harry Potter’s the Prisoner of Azkaban where Hermoine, Ron and Harry went into the past and saw their past selves.
Rioting at such a young age? That’s baddddd, BAADDD GIRRLSS!

Next: Delicious, sweet, shining bread.
Hank finds out that Rick and gang are Madera’s acquaintances and decides to give them a discount for fixing their oven. With that, the bakery’s problems are solved, but something still troubles Rick. In the previous episode we see that the thief was actually Xiaomei and that she was stealing from the castle. Rick is wondering why she’s committing such an act and also thinking about his awesome sword skills that he found out through fighting with Xiaomei.
Meanwhile we have what looks like a warship surrounded by smaller wooden ships on fire. WHAT CAN THIS POSSIBLY MEAN?!

Section 3: Day 10 of 30 day challenge

Day 10 is ‘an anime you love most for the story line/plot.’

Hmmm.. This is a tough one, there’s no way I can’t repeat an anime if it constantly asks me for things like this. If it has a good storyline, obviously it will be in my list of top few anime. I guess for this one I’ll go ahead and say Clannad (including After Story and all the alternate ends).

The execution is in story arcs which means not exactly a linear path, but having a few side stories here and there. I watched the anime before I played the VN (Visual Novel). Before I played the VN, I actually thought that Clannad was the entire ‘true route’ of the VN, but after playing the VN, I realised that the anime actually incorporated some of the various routes into the main route. (e.g Fuuko route, Mei route, Kotomi route) They also somehow avoided the relationship status to clash, since being in their route, they’d have to be a couple, but the anime did it quite well. In fact, it was so well done that from start to finish, Okazaki’s involvement with Nagisa can be seen developing through the various route integrations and finally when he confessed to Nagisa, that part was incredibly touching and heartwarming.

That’s just the first half of Clannad, the second part (After Story) was the tearjerker portion. After they became an official couple, they animated their everyday lives. Everyday life of a newlywed couple is seriously cute beyond words. Seriously. When Nagisa tells Okazaki that she wants a bundle of joy, Okazaki’s first reaction was to think about Nagisa’s health and whether or not she could successfully pull through the labour. THIS IS A TRUE HUSBAND YO, FIRST PRIORITY IS LOVE OF HIS LIFE, THEN WORRY ABOUT CHILDREN!

Needless to say, this is also one of the few anime that has made me cry manly tears. Not only once, but about 3 times? The part where Nagisa gives birth to Ushio, the part where Ushio searches for her toy robot and Kyou’s another story. Some people may not like the art in this anime (like my friend who insists that their eyes are sad-looking) but I found it to be pretty decent (and I was streaming back then). Also, playing the VN is highly recommended. Its probably Key’s ONLY VN without H-scenes in it.

Section 2: Daily log of intern student (5 days to freedom!)

Started the day expecting guests, so I had to clean up the more important study room and quarantine rooms first. Following that I went up to clean the guinea pigs and the chickens. After lunch I went down to move some pigs because they wanted to change the floorboards. Then went up to wean the piglets and bring them down. Then we did a more thorough cleaning of the study and quarantine rooms and it was home time!

Would you like me to bring you to a place where wishes come true? – Furukawa Nagisa

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