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Time for drama

Not really a fan of drama, but they do have good storylines. Though what I’m watching isn’t really drama, most of them are romance-comedy with a slight bit of drama.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakamichi no Apollon 10
  • Kore wa Zombie desuka? S2 10 (End)
  • Sankarea 10

Starting off with Sakamichi and its jazz drama!
As we slowly approach the end, things start to fall into their destined routes. Jun has pulled Yurika aboard to save her from her parents, while Ritsuko finally realises that she loves Kaoru and wants to reciprocate his feelings. Meanwhile Sentarou’s struggles with Jun and Yurika ends when they had an awesome jam session. Jun’s final jam session with them.
Guy and girl alone in a room. Asks her to cut hair for you. LikeABoss.

Next: Kore wa Zombie S2
WHY SO WEIRD END? WHYYYY??? Well, I didn’t read the LN nor do I follow its manga (if it had one), so I’ll probably never find out what happens. Unless they decide to make a S3 of course, but not sure if they will though…
Belphegor Ayumu was pretty cool though, he actually fought like he knew how to and dayum that’s damn cool.

Next: Sankarea
This week we see the continuation after Furuya gets kidnapped. He’s tied to a chair and Rea’s stepmom comes in and tells the story of Rea’s father’s past. IF YOU THINK THAT’D MAKE ME THINK HE’S LESS OF A SICK BASTARD THEN YOU’RE WRONG! REA’S DAD IS A PIECE OF SHIT, SO SHIT HE’S SHITTIER THAN SHIT! Yes I hate him if you haven’t noticed.
Resisting seduction like a zombie maniac. Well, Rea’s stepmom is also so sex-deprived that she’s willing to get it on with pretty much anyone. While Rea’s dad is so depressed over his 15 YEAR OLD WIFE’s (WTF IS THAT, SHE’S NOT EVEN LEGAL) death after giving birth to Rea, so he dotes on Rea, not because Rea is what’s left of his wife’s depart, but because Rea is a spitting image of his wife. In other words, REA’S DAD IS IN LOVE WITH REA NOT AS A FATHER. This guy is so twisted it makes me want to puke.

Section 3: Day 11 of 30 day challenge

Day 11 is ‘an anime couple/pair you find the cutest.’

In order to keep my votes fair, I will disregard all doujins (which is really hard) and all fan character-pairings (meaning stuff like Saito x Tabitha (ZnT)) Those that don’t happen in the anime won’t get the official couple/pair tag.

With that said, the couple/pair that I find most cute is Yuno x Miyako from Hidamari Sketch. Don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, they didn’t say the couple/pair had to be guy and girl.

The MAINNN reason why I say they’re the cutest pair is mainly because Hidamari Sketch is an anime about cute stuff. Like literally the entire anime was made just to show cute girls doing cute things. Where best to find a cute couple than from an anime about cuteness?! Miyako first met Yuno when Yuno moved into the Hidamari Apartments. Miya was her neighbor and classmate, so they got along very fast. Yuno is shy, girly and considerate, so she doesn’t impose on Miya so much, but Miya is almost the exact opposite. She’s boyish, outgoing and not afraid to ask for favors. During my marathon of the entire Hidamari Sketch series, Miya’s character really struck me as the ‘fun’ type of person, like, its just fun when you’re with her regardless of what you’re doing. Despite her character, Miya also cares a lot for Yuno and often cheers and encourage her when she’s wavering or feeling down.

Throughout the 3 seasons, you can see that Yuno and Miya are almost always together, be it going to school, eating lunch or even preparing their art pieces for exhibition. That’s what I love about them, they’re good friends who stay by each other and never abandon each other no matter what. O yea and the fact that they’re both girls makes it even cuter.


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