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A Sunday without HxH, feels odd.


Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Upotte!! 10 (End)
  • Nazo no Kanojo X 10
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 23
  • Recorder to Randoseru 22-23

Starting off with Upotte! Not sure if Hunter X Hunter is on hiatus or what, but I’m sad that there’s no Hunter X Hunter today.
Just found out after watching the episode that this was the last one. Why so many weird ending episodes this season? Isn’t it supposed to go all the way to 12 or 13 episodes? AnoHana was 11, but 10? That’s too short! Well, the fight comes to a close as the 4 guns (FNC, SG550, M16, L85) decide to storm the front and fight with the AKs. They are lured to the shopping district where FNC and AK shoot it out. The AKs say that the guns have lost their former selves, and are now not as aggressive as they were made to be.
Apparently, people don’t die when they’re killed. Not by guns at least.
Brings a whole new meaning to “Its not guns that kill people, its people that kill people.”
The ending wasn’t that much of a weird end, but I still find it hard to accept that things have ended. I guess ending it after a 2-episode long tactical warfare is fine too!

Next: Nazo no Kanojo X!
This week, all my respect points for Tsubaki are crushed. CRUSSSHHHHEEEDDDDDDD. He met a girl on the streets today, or rather the girl went to find him. She was Tsubaki’s previous crush, for the entire 3 years of Junior Highschool she was his crush. After Tsubaki got into Senior Highschool, he forgot about her because Urabe became his girlfriend. Now after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, the bitch came back to reminisce the old days with Tsubaki because she just got dumped and doesn’t feel very happy.
She keeps emphasizing about Tsubaki’s crush on her that I reall want to crush her face. In the entire episode, she has never said that she loves/likes Tsubaki, but just wants Tsubaki for her own. Like an over-attached bratty bitch. Tsubaki gives in to his lust and previous crush and ends up lying to Urabe about his Sunday plans, which is to pretend to be the bitch’s boyfriend for a day. The bitch also invites Urabe to the cultural festival just so she can show off her new ‘boyfriend’ and possibly cause Tsubaki and Urabe to break up. Dammit this bitch so bitch I want to slap her. TSUBAKI I AM DISAPPOINT. WHY CAN’T YOU LET THE PAST BE PAST?! Well, I never actually crushed on someone that hard, but maybe I might be swayed a little. BUT MY RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL IS TOO HIGH, NOTHING WILL WAVER ME FROM MY COMMITMENTS ONCE I ACQUIRE THEM! I pledge this. And all of you shall be my witnesses.

3minute shorts: Poyopoyo!
OMAGAWD EPIC PLOT TWIST! Watching movies in my anime? More weird than you think.

Recorder to Randoseru (2 episodes)
O! It seems that Aya has found out about Atsushi being Atsumi’s younger brother. Despite of how he looks so awesome-handsome-cool, he really is a grade schooler at heart. And Aya is feeling so bad for falling for a grade schooler herpderp.

Section 3: Day 12 of 30 day challenge

Day 12 is ‘your favourite anime battle/fight scene.’

When discussing about fight scenes, shounen series’s definitely come to mind. But having watched pretty little action anime, my choice probably isn’t one of the best to rely on.

The fight scene I love best is the fight scene from Ben-T0. An anime last season about half-priced bento and fighting to acquire the rare item. Well, its either they buy that or they starve. The concept is kinda like predators fighting over weak prey, but there’s more predators than prey.

The fight scene I like the most is the fight scene between Orthros and Ice Witch. The way the fight scene was animated made the scene incredibly awesome to watch. The fighting technique of Orthros is also unique, I’d never have thought to use baskets in a fight and the way they use it for movement, by bouncing off the baskets to jump higher and all over the place is simply a delight to watch. It wouldn’t have been my favourite if they didn’t actually animate the flying around, but they did and that makes up for half of the reason why its so good. The other half is the way they actually animate the character’s punches, kicks, flips, evades and all. The animation is so fluid and everything carries over properly that you’ll never find something over-exaggerated whenever you decide to pause.

The series as a whole isn’t really the typical action, but still action. Its about people fighting for half-priced ben-tos and is actually one of the decent anime out there.

Unfortunately I don’t have the series in my hard drive, so here’s a google’d screenshot.
The person upside down is the Ice Witch, the ones being kicked are Orthros. They fight 2 times in the series and both fights were awesome.


I’d also like to post a notice about a website I recently joined as a writer/reviewer. My first post is a review of the recently concluded anime: Kore wa Zombie desuka? Of The Dead

You can view the post here.


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