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Bad pun is bad. Won’t you forgive me for this?
Damn, the picture looks too weird. Click on it to view the full size.

Also: No anime watched today, because nothing released.

Section 3: Day 15 of 30 day challenge

Day 15 is ‘your favourite perverted moment in an anime’.

You probably won’t believe me, but I actually don’t remember much about pervertic moments. What I DO remember, though, is that I spazzed so hard at Nisemonogatari episode 8.

Yes, Nisemonogatari. The epitome of weird fanservice. The spawn of never-heard-before fetishes. The OH-MAI-GAWD-I-NEED-TO-REWATCH-THAT-SCENE anime.

Just to illustrate: Here’s an episode 2 raw.
Yes, these are actual screenshots. Not made by me, but I’d love to thank whoever made it from the bottom of my heart (which has now exploded from HHHNNGGGG).

What’s better than a few scenes of fanservice? AND ENTIRE EPISODE OF FANSERVICE! Well, not really an entire episode, but its the only part you’ll remember from the entire episode.

Section 2: Last days of intern student (2 days to freedom)

Started out preparing for surgery again, we’re gonna rush 4 surgeries in before lunch. AND WE DID! Well not really, I only had my lunch at 2.30pm, so it wasn’t really ‘lunch’ anymore. After ‘lunch’, I went down to move the guinea pigs out of their hot room into a cool aircon’d room. Took me 1 hour just to do that, too many things to move. After that I cleaned up their cages and the chicken’s one as well, then we went out for a company dinner. It is sort of a farewell-dinner thing, since I was leaving in 2 days. Ate lots and the food was awesome.


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