Anime, daily life and randomness

Mystery Monday!

Now that I have no more work, I’ll be watching anime more often!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hyouka 9
  • Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 11

Starting with the interesting Hyouka.
The Classics Club now meets the production team and hears their opinion on how the murder was carried out. Out of the 3 they heard, only 1 was actually serious, the other 2 weren’t even consistent with their theories. Chitanda is turning to be like the Mugi of this show. She constantly has sweets and offers the to everyone. This week, she has whisky chocolate.
She ends up eating so much of it that she got drunk and fell asleep. As for the mystery, aside from rejected theories, they practically made no progress.

Next: Amnesia Maiden!
Now that Teiichi knows of Yuuko’s memories, Teiichi has become ‘Shadow Yuuko’ to Yuuko. She is unable to see him like she is unable to see Shadow Yuuko. Time passes and Teiichi eventually forces Yuuko to become aware of Shadow Yuuko as well as himself. With that, he attempts to comfort Shadow Yuuko and tells her that Shadow Yuuko is the exact same Yuuko as the normal Yuuko, that he feels horrible when he couldn’t do anything to stop her suffering. Eventually Yuuko finally accepts her memories now that she knows Teiichi accepts even her tragic and hateful past.
Next episode is probably the last episode, but I’m curious as to what happened at this episode’s end.

Section 2: Day 20 of 30 day challenge

Day 20 is ‘the first anime you can remember ever watching.’

When I was a kid, everything that wasn’t real life acted was cartoons. I only found out after watching anime that Digimon and Pokemon weren’t cartoons, but heck Pokemon got taken over by 4kids, so I’d classify that as a cartoon. Digimon on the other hand, was not taken over by anything and actually had good plot.

The first anime I remember watching is Digimon. No its not Doraemon because back then they only had the chinese dub, and I didn’t like chinese. The first ever Digimon series, the one with Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon. The one with this song as its OP.

Yes, this series. As a kid, I was so obsessed with cool stuff, and honestly, Wargreymon is fukken badass. Also, having a DIGIVOLVING DINOSAUR as a pet was pretty badass as well. So yea, there you have it, my first ever anime. I’m not sure if I can possibly get this, VCD or DVD somewhere. For nostalgia’s sake.


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