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I love bowling, I mean its obviously more fun than chasing a ball around and throwing it in a hoop/kicking it in a goal. And you become so stinky and sticky. AND YOU NEED TO RELY ON TEAMMATES WTFFFFFF. In bowling its a one-man show, you’re either pro, or you’re not.

Section 1: What I did today

Obviously since its a Wednesday, I don’t have any anime to watch. So I went bowling with some friends and here are my scores.
I’m ‘Yang’, which literally means sheep in Chinese (for those who know, yes. My name is that character.) I’m rather proud of myself for maintaining an average above 100 even though I haven’t bowled in a while (like 9 months ~ 1 year?)

I also attended an event in which I was a coordinator to get a BIGGGGG group of students to play in some games. First there were balloon fights, each player ties a balloon to their ankle and tries to burst every other balloon while keeping theirs’ safe.
Next was battleships, but it was quite weird and I didn’t really understand how to play it.

Section 2: Day 22 of 30 day challenge

Day 22 is ‘an anime you hate the dubbed version of.’

Obviously, there’s quite a lot that I actually hate. Any anime that is the moe-moe cutesy type with the requirement to have cute voices are horribly dubbed.

No offense but I really can’t stand any other voice attempting to ACT cute without it being Japanese. I mean, HAVE YOU WATCHED THE K-ON DUB? IT ALMOST MADE MY EAR BLEED. Yea. Shounens are fine though, since they’re mostly male characters and males don’t have to act cute. Honestly though, some of the shounens dubs are actually pretty cool. (Like Vegeta’s ITS OVER 9000!)


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