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Some notifications!

I will be going away to a camp starting today (Friday) 12pm to tomorrow (Saturday) ~9/10pm. As such, I will not be able to post for Saturday, and will be doing the challenge in advance for tomorrow.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Polar Bear Cafe 12

I will probably watch this later today, but due to the lack of internet connection in the camp, I won’t be able to take screenshots and stuff. I won’t be able to post it here either because I’m too busy packing to actually watch it yet.

Section 2.1: Day 24 of 30 day challenge (Today)

Today’s challenge is ‘your all-time favourite anime scene.’

The scene that came straight to my mind was the toothbrush scene from Nisemonogatari I posted a while back, but that’s just the most memorable, not really a favourite. I mean I do like it, but I don’t like it THE MOST. My favourite scene isss…..

Killua’s fight scene against one of the Bomber guys in Hunter X Hunter: GI Final. Yes, I know I keep repeating this anime. Yes, I know I’m a big fan of this and that you probably don’t like it as much, BUT, it still is my favourite scene. Why? Because its the only action anime where I ever scene INTENDED after-shadows and illusions. Forget Naruto, those clones are summoned and don’t give the impression of skill nor trickery, just some fancy hand signs and a bunch of idiots appear. What I like about this scene is that there’s a chance for it to be remade in Hunter X Hunter (2011). Hopefully they won’t kill my favourite scene.

This is the scene in question:
Fastforward to 13:06 and watch to 19:08.
That is the scene where Killua fights that guy from Bomber’s group. The way he set-up everything as a trap shows how fast-thinking and observant is Killua. Dayum, he so cool.

Section 2.2: Day 25 of 30 day challenge (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow’s challenge is ‘most pointless anime character.’

Firstly, I would like to define pointless. Pointless, meaning of no use, can be omitted. In that definition, the most pointless character to me would be Tiffania from Zero no Tsukaima.

At the second season’s end, Saito had sacrificed himself to protect Louise and the rest of the school while he stalls enemy advance, buying time for them to retreat. Had he died a valiant death there, I wouldn’t even hate him. In fact, I can’t hate him. He died a hero and protected what was precious to him. HOWEVER, not only did he not die, Tiffania somehow healed/resurrected him and he became alive again.

Now here’s why she’s pointless: If she didn’t exist, ZnT wouldn’t become the wreck that it is. Season 3 was beyond shit-tier. It had little to no plot, forced fanservice, plot holes everywhere. Season 4 was below average, the sudden appearance of a random dragon (lolwut) and then Louise learns this new teleportation spell that essentially removes all hesitation from Saito. While the second event is okay, the random dragon was so forced, I don’t even know why they still carried on with it. Both season 3 and season 4 are Tiffania’s fault. Because if Saito died at the end of season 2, there wouldn’t be a season 3 or 4. Sure the producers make less money, but hey, the story will be remembered for Saito’s brave sacrifice. People will remember Saito for the honourable sacrifice and not for his ‘I-can’t-help-it’ perversion, which is pretty much what I remember him as.


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