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Continuing on..

I didn’t managed to finish all the anime I wanted to watch yesterday, so I’ll continue today!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Polar Bear Cafe 12
  • Nazo no Kanojo X 12
  • Hyouka 10
  • Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 12 (End)
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 25

Starting with Polar Bear Cafe which was delayed since last Friday.
Ever got so bored you’re bored being bored? Yo we heard you like to do nothing so we gave you nothing to do while you have nothing to do so you can be bored while you’re being bored.

Next: Nazo no Kanojo X
Oka is so awesome. Like awesome awesome.
Lift up a girl’s skirt in public to see her panties? NO PROBLEM! The rest of the episode was about hugs and weird dreams. Tsubaki has earned back my respect again.

Next: Hyouka!
Houtarou has solved the mystery once again! Or so he thinks. Looks like we’re gonna get a re-visit to this locked room murder next episode. The characters are getting more depth and development, its the first time I’ve seen Satoshi frown, the first time Chitanda decides to save a question for later, the first time Mayaka says sorry to Houtarou, the first time Houtarou actually willing puts effort into something.
Really hoping for more development.

Next: Tasogare Otome
Great end to this anime. Though it would have been a bit better if it was left bittersweet. Well, I guess this is good too!

The insert song at the last episode was pretty awesome. I’d love to have the mp3 track, though it might be released with the BD-OST pack or something.. I guess I’ll wait.

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
Spring cleaning! Although its almost summer.

Section 2: Day 27 of 30 day challenge

Day 27 is ‘an anime which you found worse than the manga.’

I don’t really read lots of manga, so this one will be a bit rough for me. Again, leaving out the uncompleted series’s, the anime I found to be worse than the manga would be Yumekui Merry.

To clarify though: I don’t read Yumekui Merry’s manga. Yumekui Merry is originally a LN, and still has a LN, but there’s a manga version which people seem to like more. The anime adaptation was so horrible that I don’t even need to read the manga to know that its horrible. The ending arc was super-rushed, the plotholes are everywhere. Heck, even the powers are unexplained. I don’t hate it as much as say…. MajiKoi, but it was still pretty disappointing for such a build up.

Sobsob ;_;

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