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Full week

It has been 1 week since the season started, most of the anime are already out, or will have the subs out by tomorrow.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Accel World 13
  • Kokoro Connect 1
  • Hunter X Hunter 38
  • Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai 1
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 27
  • Sword Art Online 1

Starting with Accel World because Hunter X Hunter is not finished.
Chiyu has successfully accepted and installed Brain Burst and is now one of the Legion’s Burst Linkers, Lime Bell. She has an very rare ability: healing. The new school year starts and new students have entered the school. Kuroyukihime and Taku notices a new Burst Linker among the first year students, but is unable to find him nor locate his avatar’s name in the burst menu. While having a match with a first year kendo student, Haru notices something weird. Taku, who’s having a kendo match with the student also notices his superb reflex reactions. Haru does a check but is unable to locate anyone else except Lime Bell, Cyan Pile and himself. Is there a new command? Or is drama stirring up while the Black Legion Master is away on a school trip?

Next: Kokoro Connect!
OP is by eufonia and ED is by a ‘nyannyannya’. Strange name for a singer, I’m guessing she was scouted from NicoNico. Both of them are good, but the ED was strangely alluring. The episode itself was weird in many ways. The first body switch happened in the middle of the night. The second one happened in the middle of the day. Coincidentally on both switches, it was a girl and a guy who got switched.
Strangely, the body swaps last only a short 20-40 minutes. So its not a whole day as the other character. Its a pretty fun series, I’m definitely gonna continue watching this.

3 clues left by Ging in a Nen-protected box. Gon finds a cassette tape and listens to it. In it, he hears his father challenge to find him since Gon is already a Hunter. In the memory card, Killua finds that all 30 slots of memory were used for a single game: Greed Island. Exhausting all his sources for information about the game, Killua finally found 2 leads through his second brother. With that in hand, both of them set off for Yorkshin City, where they eventually have to go to meet Leorio and Kurapica.
Next week, we shift over to Kurapica’s side of the story. A dark, vengeful story.

Next: Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai!
OP and ED are unrelated. Well okay, maybe the ED was pretty okay. There wasn’t an OP this episode. This anime tells the story of a perverted highschool boy who would do anything (except hurt women) to satisfy his ero cravings. One day he comes home to find a red-haired lady standing in the rain outside his house. He insists that she come into his house and have a change of clothes. That’s when she decides to temporarily bind their souls together for energy while she searches for a bigger and more worthy energy source. Some shit happens and suddenly the guy’s house is destroyed.
He’s the first, no wait, second male lead that actually loves his horniness. Of course, this anime is likened to Highschool DxD, so I’m definitely watching this. Now if only there were some better sub groups taking this up.

Next: Sword Art Online!
This is probably the most hyped show of the season, so of course I’m watching it. There’s no OP in the first episode, the ED is sung by LiSA and has her powerful vocals all over it. This anime is a game, but not quite a game. In this game, people die if they’re killed.
If you’re wondering why its called Sword Art Online, because the ART is SUPERB. I mean it. I haven’t seen so much detail in a screenshot since I started watching anime. AND THIS ISN’T EVEN THE BD VERSION! I am won over by the first episode. Depending on how it continues, it could very well live up to its hype.

3 minute shorts:
Poyopoyo: Its all about Tanabata this week.


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