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Online Mahjong Guide-post

I decided to split my previous guide on how to play online mahjong here, so that people won’t have to scan through the entire super-long post just to find the part about mahjong. The older post is left unchanged, so this is basically a repost.

Edit: It appears that the website has changed. I will update only the account creation, I am unable to start the game for some reason, but if you manage to please tell me.

Section 1: Mahjong (Yes, Saki-type mahjong)

A friend, also being affected by the Saki-craze has introduced me a website that lets you play mahjong. Although its website-based, it runs on a client and has to be installed. Here are some screenshots.
Starting of the round.
A Tsumo.
Score calculation and post-round.

If you’re interested (and don’t mind that everything is in Japanese) continue to my guide on how to start playing:
Registration (making an account): Here. Then click the button in the red box (shown in screenshot below)

The game is completely free of charge and runs on a client that you’ll have to download and patch. I’ll be helping you along with the signing up and game starting with screenshots.

Sorry if the text is slightly small, but this would be the account creation page.
1) Type your email address in the top bar and click the button beside it.
2) An email should be sent to your email account. It should look something like this:
The numbers I box in red is the security code, insert it in the bottom bar and click the button beside it.
3) Your page should now look like this (if the security code is correct)
Click the yellow button at the bottom to proceed.
4)You will be directed to a page where you fill up some basic information. It will look like this (not anymore, but the sequence is the same):
You will also notice that there’s another choice at the bottom, I have no idea what that actually does, so you are free to choose. It says “Text” on the left and “Image” on the right.

After that, click the yellow button.
5) If the page doesn’t proceed, recheck the form. If it does, it shows you your information. Click the yellow button to finish.
6) Now that you have made your account, go to the game’s website: Here.
7) Your page would look something like this (Not anymore, but the new site has english buttons):
The red box (in the screenshot) is where you log in. Top bar ACCOUNT name (not nickname), bottom bar password. After you’re done logging in (it should show your avatar in the red box now), click the yellow box (in the screenshot).
Note: For some reason I can’t log in using my firefox, I haven’t tried for Chrome, but a pop up says anything above IE6 is fine. I can’t log in regardless what browser I use, so I really can’t help beyond this point anymore.
8) After pressing start, you’ll be asked to install the game. Set up your directories and stuff, then you’re good to go.
9) When you successfully install and run the client, it should look something like this:
Press the pink button (above the blue button) to start patching. When the patch is finished, press the pink button to start the game.
When the game starts, you’ll see the start menu. (The game menu should be the same, unless they decide to patch it as well, then I can no longer help with that.)
Starting from the top left, in a clockwise direction, the buttons are: Standard game, League, Practice, Buddy game.

*When you first start playing, it will show you a map of Japan. Enter which ever area you like to use that area’s server. It doesn’t matter for oversea players since its connecting from a long distance anyway.

If you click the Standard game button, there will be 6 choices. From left to right, the choices are 4 rounds 4 player mahjong, 8 rounds 4 player mahjong, 4 rounds 4 player mahjong, 8 rounds 4 player mahjong 4 rounds 3 player mahjong and 8 rounds 3 player mahjong.

Click on the game types you’d like to play and then click the middlemost button at the bottom of the window. Left button is select all, right button is cancel.

Once its ready, you’ll be playing mahjong!
For practice, you can practice against CPU or against other players. CPU would be the button that says ‘CPU’. Tutorial would be the first button from the top (but everything’s in Jap.) I’m not quite sure what the 3rd button does.

That’s all for the guide, anything further than this you’d either have to learn Japanese or experiment for yourself!


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