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No anime? There’s manga!

Since I have no anime to watch today, I will tell you of a manga I recently finished.

Section 2: Manga (Onani Master Kurosawa)

Recently I finished a manga titled “Onani Master Kurosawa”. Some of you would know about it. Actually, I think most people know about it and its just me who haven’t read it.

It is a short 31-chapter manga that tells the story of a guy who’s fetish is to fap at a secluded girls toilet everyday. Its part of his thrill in life and he cannot stop doing it. One day a girl sees him in the toilet, thinking nothing about it, he simply brushes it off. Yet another day, he notices that very girl being bullied, he decides to take justice into his own hands and punish the bullies. The girl then logically deduces what he’s up to and threatens to reveal his secret unless he does as he’s told.

The scanlators that did this manga have gave it a quirky title “Fap Note”. While it may sound weird now, but when you read the manga, you’ll gradually understand why they gave it that name.

My general thoughts on it: The events that go on in this guy’s life, while not similar at all, yet the circumstances he’s in are somehow relate-able. There are arcs in the chapter where I felt incredibly sad, both for the guy as well as the girl (a different girl, not the one blackmailing him). The ending is incredibly well done, the changing point of the story also marks a new beginning. I actually want to know more about what happened after that, but the manga ended soon after that.

If I were to rate this manga, I’d probably give it a 9.5/10 SOLELY based on plot. I can’t rate the art because every manga has its own unique style. The only reason why it isn’t a complete 10/10 is because I believe that nothing is perfect, no matter how good it is to me, others will still find fault with it. I’m also giving it the 9.5 because it doesn’t follow through with one of the events that I was eagerly awaiting to happen.

If you have some time, around 3~6 hours, give it a shot. The first few chapters are mostly the foundations, it gets really intense after that and has really good development. This manga left a similar void in my heart after I watched Toradora, but the void didn’t last as long. Anything story strong enough to leave such an impact on me is probably a sign of a good story. Either that or I’m just extremely touched by it.


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