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Yesterday once more

Actually no, I had an anime to watch today (Polar Bear Cafe).  But because I ran short on time, I couldn’t watch it in time.

Section 2: Manga (Rosario + Vampire II)

I watched the 2 seasons quite a while back, I thought it was a pretty dumb plotless show, so you can imagine my surprise when I picked up the manga because of some spoilers I accidentally saw.

It is still ongoing, but currently the setting is at ‘after training hard, save the princess mission time’. Basically, it almost resembles Negima’s story when Negi went to save Asuna from Fate Avernicus. Of course, Negima’s has a more epic feel to it, but Tsukune is drawn more grown up and cool-ish compared to the 10 year old harem holder.

I actually didn’t read the first season of the manga at all because it was animated in the 2 seasons of the anime, so I fast forwarded to R+V II manga and continued on from there. While I’m all for the power-increase-defeat-all-evil plot, the bad guys are kinda cliched. In this manga, the badguys aim to destroy humanity and create a world where youkai (monsters) can do as they please. In order to do that, they need Moka and obviously Tsukune isn’t gonna hand over her nicely.

In the end Moka decides to go over herself to prevent herself from burdening her friends anymore, but c’mon. We’re talking about entire world destruction here, even if you go over, you’d still be harming them in the end.

I look forward to the potentially epic fight scenes in the following chapter (hopefully) and to see how much Tsukune has really grown in strength.


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