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Weekends, weekends.

Most of the anime I’m watching this season are cramped up during the weekends. That’s good and bad at the same time… I guess.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Accel World 14
  • Kokoro Connect 2
  • Sword Art Online 2
  • Hunter X Hunter 39
  • Dog Days’ 2
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 28

Started with Accel World on Saturday night, right before I went to sleep. Turned out to be a VERY VERY BAD idea.
Almost couldn’t sleep because of the new plot movement. Taku recently had a practice match against one of the first year students, and it turns out that first year student is a Burst Linker, but somehow manages to hide his avatar so that people are unable to duel him. It SEEMS that he’s hiding under a program, but for all you know, he could be simply disconnected from the school’s network.
Haru falls for one of his traps while tailing him, now both Chiyu and Haru are grudgingly following his orders because he has evidence to frame the both of them. Here’s where I feel REALLY pissed: He actually doesn’t have enough evidence to frame Haru. Chiyu shouldn’t even be afraid of him because he has nothing to frame Chiyu for. Well, aside from threatening to frame Haru to threaten Chiyu. Haru once again displays his inability to act in real life by failing to knock Noumi down. Protangonists nowadays are so weak.
My rage-post in the forums.

Next: Kokoro Connect because it was the first to finish downloading on Sunday.
A slight switch of atmosphere, and suddenly everything becomes a whole lot serious. The gang discovers that someone is indeed messing up their switching at random. Every switch lasts randomly and happens randomly at anytime. With this information at hand, how will they manage to break free of the whim of this Balloon Vine guy? Will their bodies ever remain their bodies?
I’m looking forward to this! Although it isn’t the standard fanservice-bodyswitching I was expecting, this anime boggles the mind and asks questions that pricks your thinking.

Next: SAO!
The first boss fight! Kirito doesn’t have any idea where the boss room is, even though he’s the beta tester that made it up way further than anyone whoever tested. A rally is held in town that asks people to gather and form parties and fight the boss together. Since the game had no magic, there is no healing abilities. The only way to heal was to take potions that heals over time but is dispelled if damaged. However, with the many changes that the GM made to the game, even the beta tester that was leading the team was caught off-guard. Kirito resumes his solo play after killing that boss and tells Asuna to join up with others.
She uses the lunge-type sword skills, those skills are typically done with a rapier-type sword which is what Asuna is using. Unlike Kirito’s double/single-handed sword. Having Gandalfr powers (ZnT) here would help lots.

Next up: Hunter X HunteR!
With Gon and Killua setting off for Yorkshin, Kurapica makes his way there as well, through employment. He is now undergoing a test to be employed by a body parts collector, but before he actually STARTS the test, they have to prove their strength. They are working as bodyguards after all.
HERE IT COMES! THE COOL CHAINS WHOOOO! Looking forward to that scene between Kurapica and Uvogein.

Next: Dog Days’!
In the midst of the war, Shinku and Nanami have their very first 1v1! Nanami is having as much fun as Shinku and thanks him for inviting her over to this world. Meanwhile, Pastillage princess, Couver steals Rebecca and brings her over to Pastillage. The war objectives have now changed to get Rebecca back instead of fighting it out with each other! Meanwhile at Pastillage’s floating platform..
Rebecca accepts Couver’s request to become the hero of Pastillage! Now we’re gonna see 3 heroes fighting it out in a Battle Royale WHOOOOO! By the way, Rebecca’s transformation scene has implications EVERWHEREEE. Since Pastillage doesn’t have a strong physical army like Biscotti or Galette, they specialize in magic instead. That makes Rebecca a MAHOU SHOUJO WHOOO!! P.S Nanami is hawt, reminds me of Sakuya from Hayate no Gotoku. AND she’s voiced by Nana Mizuki who also sings the OP!

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo
Damn Hide so considerate =D

七海 ♥

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