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This is the reason I mainly don’t play RPGs. I get addicted way too easily, especially if that RPG in question requires you to spend shitloads of time drawing spells from enemies, maximum of 9 per turn with a maximum of 100 stocks that you can carry. That literally means 12 turns of drawing ALONE. Not including cast time, not including 3 characters drawing the spells, not including the enemy that’s attacking you and you’re gonna have to heal after awhile. Dayum takes too much time. BUT WHY AM I SO ADDICTED ANYWAY?! Apparently it isn’t addictive enough to get me off my blogging. Good to know that my sense of responsibility still takes priority over gaming.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Tari Tari 3
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 15

Starting with Tari Tari’s BEACH EPISODE!
Now that the Principal is warded at the hospital, Vice-Principal becomes the acting-Principal and disbands the clubs with less than 5 people in them. That includes both Badminton and the Choir club, but then when they join forces..
They have just enough people to form a club. Now we sit back and see what trouble they can stir up and what exactly are they going to accomplish.

Next: SpacebroS!
JAXA appears to have planted some people in each of the teams simply to make things bad for each of them. Will the true candidates notice JAXA’s plot and calm down?
I don’t get why they term them ‘the green ones’. But I guess its a code word for it. Can’t wait to see what Mutta does next.


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