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The moment I woke up, the first thing to do was to finish the K-On movie.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • K-On Movie
  • Polar Bear Cafe 16
  • KoiChoco 3
  • NakaImo 3

It appears that I have been using the wrong abbreviations for NakaImo, doesn’t matter, I’ll be using it from now on.

Finished the K-On movie from yesterday night, unable to post screenshots because there could be spoilers, but I can tell you that this movie happens somewhere between episode 24-26 of the second season.

Moving on, its Polar Bear Cafe!
First half was epic misunderstanding and coincidences. It was rather amusing I must say. Second half was the town from a regular person’s point of view.
Go ahead, have a seat!

Next: KoiChoco
The tsundere in this anime has a slightly different feel to it, despite being a tsundere. Maybe its because she’s also the childhood friend at the same time? Or maybe she just doesn’t show the tsun side so often.
But when she does, its very cute. I get the feeling that she still doesn’t recognise/admit her feelings for Oojima. It doesn’t help that she’s his childhood friend as well, since they’re supposed to care about each other more.

Next: NakaImo!
Dammit this Shougo. I can more or less predict the plot about now. Miyabi is probably not the imouto, but the childhood friend. She misunderstood ‘kyoudai’ which literally means siblings. It’s like how you call friends who are really close to you ‘bro’ or something like that.
Shougo be making girls cry, not good yo! Shougo reminds me of that anime Mashiro-iro where the protagonist was also Shougo.

Lucky bastard!

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