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One must thoroughly prepare themselves if they were to watch something that they’d hate. Yes, I speak with regard to the previous Accel World episode and I am afraid of watching the latest, though I still will. I am preparing myself to not hate the guts of a certain antagonist and hope that I can somehow not hate the protagonist’s guts as well.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Accel World 15
  • Kokoro Connect 3
  • Sword Art Online 3
  • Hunter X Hunter 40
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 29

Bracing myself for Accel World.
There’s a saying that goes “you are what you want to be.” I’m not one to use this line often, BUT DAMMIT HARU YOU’RE WEAK BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU ARE!
Bitch please, if a minor set back like losing your power can break your will to fight, you don’t deserve to call yourself a Burst Linker.
Ash Roller is officially the best male character in the game now. BEAT SOME SENSE INTO HIM YES! The first time I saw him was pretty meh, I thought he was just some side character, but now that he’s back and more badass than ever, F’YEA! Silver Crow can just go drown in a pool of lava.

Next: Kokoro Connect!
The more I watch this show, the more I think its not just your typical moe-moe let’s-have-tea anime. There are serious drama progressions going on and you really do feel a sense of relief after something good happens.
With proper execution, this could become one of the best shows this season! Though there isn’t much competition.

Next: Sword Art Online
This week, its a side story. Many of the LN readers have expressed disappointment at this arc’s execution, but I found it pretty decent as a non-LN reader, albeit a little rushed, but it still carries on the plot proper. I wanted to see the boss fight though.
Currently, between this and Accel World (they’re both written by the same LN author), I still hate Accel World more.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
Kurapica walks in for a job interview/testing. He shows off a fraction of his newly acquired abilities as well as his superb observation skills. Meanwhile, his soon-to-be-companions are introduced and Kurapica continues to keep his cold front.
Because he’s a man with a mission. He can’t trust anyone else with it, nor does he want anyone else to interfere with his vengeance. Over at the other side, Gon and Killlua are getting near Yorkshin and they are one step closer to meeting up with everyone else now.

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo


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