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Everything will have an end. Well everything except Naruto and Bleach probably. I have finally finished Final Fantasy VIII, exactly 1 week after I first started playing it. Of course, I got every single GF, maxed all characters levels (except Quistis cos she’s useless except for her Limit Break which doesn’t work on bosses). I also got all end-game spells before it actually went into end-game mode. Now that I think back, I’m quite a hardcore player. I even went out of my way to kill the hardest boss in the game. Sadly, I wasn’t hardcore enough to collect every single card for the minigame. The ending to FFVIII was kinda confusing, because of all the time-shift and time-compression thing but was a good end nonetheless.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hyouka 14
  • Arcana Famiglia 4
  • Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 3

Starting with Hyouka because its a must watch the day it airs.
Its the 2nd day of the Kanya festival! The Classics Club sends a team to the cooking competition, organised by the Cooking Club: Wildfire! Mayaka is their 3rd and final contestant, but she couldn’t make it on time! Luckily, Houtarou saves the day by giving them some wheat flour and Mayaka manages to make something, but not before noticing that the ladle was missing!
A note was left behind as with the other thefts! What is this? I’m thinking it could be a secret event that’s going on during the festival! Whoever solves the mystery gets a special prize?

Next: Arcana Famiglia
I am losing hope in this series. If they don’t stop with the boring slice-of-life shit and boring-ass conversations I could very well drop this. The only thing that was interesting this episode was Liberta’s backstory. That’s it. We are also given an explanation for Dante’s powers as well as Liberta’s powers.
It appears that he had his powers even when he was a kid. I wonder how he contracted for them, he probably didn’t even understand the word ‘contract’ at that age.

Next: Hagure Yuusha
Here’s an anime which I feel that the video is the one screwing it up. I won’t blame the subbers, but it appears that the only video that’s available for this anime has incredibly sucky quality, even at 720p. Nonetheless, the main character is still badass and strong.
He’s just ridiculously strong, so strong, that he doesn’t really give a shit what others think of him, as long as he’s doing what he thinks is right. And so far, he’s been simply awesome.


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