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While the Olympics are ongoing at London, the TV stations in Japan are also simulcasting and re-casting them throughout the day. This means there’ll be less time to air anime, their slots are gonna be overtaken by the Olympics, some of them are gonna be on hiatus etc. But not ALL of Japan’s stations are gonna be like that. There are still those that will play the anime regularly.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Kokoro Connect 4
  • Sword Art Online 4
  • Hunter X Hunter 41
  • Accel World 16
  • Moyashimon Returns 4
  • Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 4
  • Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 30

Starting off with Kokoro Connect because it has been doing better than Accel World. (Because I don’t hate Kokoro Connect characters)
As the story continues, everyone’s background story/traumas are slowly being explained. Meanwhile, via the body switchings, Taichi continues to notice things that he didn’t notice before, people start to trust him and he continues to be as selfless as he needs to help people. Though not all of his sacrifices are in vain, most of the problems are mostly solved and he even got some juicy secrets back.
At least Inaba now trusts in Taichi slightly more, even if she is unable to completely trust in him.

Next: Sword Art Online!
In this episode, we see that Kirito has been madly leveling as a solo player and now can fight on par with the guilds at the front line. Yet because of someone’s plea, he’s gone back down a few floors to capture orange players who’s been robbing other players and leaving them for dead.
He went 1 v 7 on this floor and people couldn’t even put a scratch on him. They’re dealing 40 dps while his regen is 60 dps. Its a battle in vain. Being a solo player also means that he doesn’t give a shit about being labeled an ‘orange’ player, since he doesn’t need to party with people anyway.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
Kurapica has secured his job and is on the way to the underground auction which is going to be held in Yorkshin City. Meanwhile, after getting information from his brother, Killua and Gon learn more about the legendary game, Greed Island. Priced at a staggering 8.9 BILLION zeni as a starting price, it can only go upward from there and possibly go past 500% of the starting price.
The Spiders have also been gathering back up together and are planning to steal all items on auction. FEITAN LOOKING COOL! I prefer this one to the older version, in the older version I actually mistook him for a girl because of his hairstyle and voice, but now his voice and look are definitely guyish and he’s badass. The Genei Ryoudan’s theme playing in the background was incredible, it really fits the Ryoudan as a theme song. THE GREAT BATTLE BETWEEN UVOGIN AND KURAPICA DRAWS CLOSER!

Next: Accel World
Having passed through his ‘image’ training, Silver Crow returns more driven and determined than ever. This is turning out to be quite the cliche’d shounen. Not in a bad way, but I hate those episodes where they’d just train and train. Thankfully, this was rushed past in 1 episode. Its probably the first time I ever liked rushed episodes.
Bishoujo Sky Raker irl! I’m wondering why the rest of the avatars are not as detailed as Silver Crow or Cyan Pile or Ash Roller. Lime Bell’s just a standard lime avatar with a bell for a hand and a hat that looks like a sombrero.

Next: Moyashimon Returns!
As the brewing continues, Hasegawa gets called back by her dad to attend a pre-marital trip with her arranged-marriage husband-to-be. Tadayasu tells Oikawa about his ability to see microbes but she simply brushes it off as a joke.
The harvest festival draws closer and they are required to open a stall to sell things, what will they sell? The seniors seem to have something sinister in mind.

Lastly: Hagure Yuusha!
Is it just me, or is the storyline being rushed madly with little to no character development? All I see is just Akatsuki being imba, very smart and apparently people have grudges against him.
The story is just shooting past like a bullet, there’s not even time to fully soak in the emotions, the character backstories. Even the supposed sad-scene was wrapped up in 1 minute. Well, I’m just watching this for the action, so it should be fine.

3 minute shorts: Poyopoyo
THE TEMPERATURE IN SUMMER IS TOO DAMN HIGH! Sadly, its forever summer here in Singapore.


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