Anime, daily life and randomness

Happy but sad, angry but calm.

I should be happy, after all, quite a lot of shows didn’t stop airing as per usual. In fact, some actually released DOUBLE episodes so that they can take a break next week. Of course I’d be watching all of them without delaying it to next week, but I’ll spread the episodes over the next few days.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hyouka 15
  • Joshiraku 3

Starting with Hyouka! I’m so glad this show isn’t on hiatus.
As more and more things get stolen, things are starting to develop and more is known of the pattern and the what could be stolen. Of course, Houtarou wouldn’t be helping just because of any reason, its because of Chitanda.

Next: Joshiraku
This anime is truly true to its content. It really is simply about a bunch of girls and their daily lives. As well as their incredibly random conversations that vary from being a girl to luck to breakdancing.
I really didn’t know where to take the screenshot, but the synchronized blinking and staring got me.

Section 2: What I’m busy with

I hate to admit this, but I actually spent most of the day watching Avatar. No not the blue aliens with tails, the one that shoots fire, air, swishes water and moves earth. I’m marathoning it through and I’m actually surprised that I still enjoy it. Even though its a CARTOON. Just emphasizing for those that think its an anime. Sokka is a really good comedian, really.


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